What Venues We are Looking Forward the Most for Opening Up Post-COVID

The pandemic has dragged on for over a year now, and most people are getting more than a little stir crazy by now. Everyone is looking forward to venues opening back up and counting down the days until they can go out and have fun again. Now that the vaccine distribution is finally underway, hope is finally on the horizon that people can go out again by the end of this year. Where will you go once you can eventually leave your house? Here are a few places we are looking forward to going once restrictions are finally lifted. 

Movie Theatres

Movie theatre closures caused some devastating losses to the industry, and many theatres were forced to close their doors permanently after more than six months of closure. Some movie theatres have already opened, but most major films are still releasing at home. Once restrictions are lifted, we can enjoy movie premieres and crowded Friday and Saturday night showings again. Sitting in the theatre with a crowd of people, getting popcorn and snacks, and watching the trailers is all part of the moviegoing experience that everyone has been craving since early in 2020.  Hopefully, we can see the new Space Jam, Candyman, or Dune in theatres when they come out later this year. Things are looking up regarding old-school movie premieres and events returning to their former glory soon.  


Almost everyone had a concert they were looking forward to going to in 2020 that got canceled. More and more tours are being canceled all the time as the pandemic continues. Major artists like Taylor Swift, Elton John, Green Day, and Mariah Carey canceled tours in 2020, hopefully, to be rescheduled in 2021 and 2022. Even the major music event Coachella won’t be returning until 2022. Now that the vaccine is finally out, these cancelations may be slowing down. Concert dates are springing up for the end of 2021. Justin Bieber’s tour is still planned for the Summer of this year, as is Queen and Adam Lambert for later in the Spring. Of course, like all concert dates over the past year, these dates are subject to change, but we hope more and more concerts will happen towards the end of the year. The world needs to enjoy music together again now more than ever, and coming together again in a concert arena will begin the healing we need. 


Luckily, everyone has been able to watch some sports on TV, but it’s not the same as going to the arena and watching in person. Getting snacks, cheering with fellow fans, and dressing up to represent your favorite team or player are all part of the experience! We hope that next year, people will be able to go see their favorite sports in person. There were 25,000 fans at the 2021 Super Bowl, which seated about 66,000. Experts estimate that fans can return to the stadiums at full capacity by September 2021, which would be perfect for football fans everywhere! Sports are an integral part of American culture, and getting to participate in that again will be a very positive experience. 


Restaurants are still open, but at limited capacity, and experts do not recommend that people go at all. Everyone enjoys the occasional evening out with their friends or family, gathered around the dinner table and catching up on one another’s lives. Going out to dinner is a staple in modern socialization, and it has been challenging to go without. When will it be safe to go again? Small gatherings are expected to be acceptable by July, which will be perfect for summertime outings. It’s still not recommended that you gather in large crowds, but dining at a regular restaurant should be fine for your health by that time. You’ll be able to enjoy a nice dinner with your loved ones again while remaining safe and healthy. 


Sitting around the house for a year has been boring. We all miss going out to play games and entertain ourselves. Games like bowling, billiards, or mini-golf are a fun way to shake up the monotonous routines of peoples’ daily lives and get the brains and bodies moving a bit. It is important to get out and get a variety of activities in your life so you feel fulfilled. Many places are currently open with social distancing measures in place, so you can call ahead to the place you want to go and see what safety precautions they are taking. Full capacity should be in place later in the Summer for these kinds of activities, so if you prefer to wait, it will not be much longer before you can have some fun! 

Back to Normal

We are on track to get back to normalcy soon if we are patient. It is only a matter of time before we will be able to enjoy all of our favorite activities again and go to our favorite places. It has been a long, hard road, and we deserve to have a bit of fun at the end of it! Be sure to look forward with a positive attitude and know we will be enjoying these things soon. 

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