The Most Popular Computer Games in 2021

Another year brings another exciting collection of games for your PC. Even though the pandemic has hit many of us hard, the development of future entertainment has not faltered. Some of the best games to come out this year come from a variety of places. Whether it’s the gambling of free slots no download or the MMO expansions that take us to fantasy worlds. Some familiar classic that wasn’t available to PC are now accessible. Giving players many more options to take part in. Here are some of the top recommendations to get downloaded on your computer now:

Hitman 3

The next instalment of the hit rebooted trilogy brings a satisfying closure to the story of Agent 47. For PC, the redefined gameplay has made some exciting new assassination attempts that much more thrilling. Travel to many exotic locations such as Dubai, England or China. Manoeuvre around these maps to see for yourself the many different opportunities you can take. Explore your options and become the Assassin that you want to be. What makes it better is that these maps are completely replay worthy. This allows you to play out the scenario in any way you want, dozens of times. 

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game that has been out for some time. However, on PC, it was given the rebirth people craved. Mainly due to the fact that this game is known as one of the most pivotal RPG’s around. Its iconic story, gameplay and role-playing elements made it so popular that it gained dozens of awards and global recognition. Once again, take control of the witcher, Geralt of Rivia, as he explores the monster-filled, fantasy world to find his adopted daughter. Hunt down extraordinary creatures with your own sword skills, potions and traps. 


This new title took many by surprise with its constant motion gameplay and ultra-violet violence. Explore the neon-filled world of Dharma Tower and ascend through the locale using your incredible parkour skills. Speed your way and cut through enemies with incredible precision as you use your own motion to assist in action-packed combat. You can dodge bullets, slice up enemies, run up walls and defy all laws of physics. Take your vengeance as a trained killer who aims to save humanity from its brutal tyranny with katana-fuelled rampages. This is the kind of game for those who wish to take up the sword and swing straight into the action. 


This new IP has been making great headlines in the gaming world. Its creativity in its gameplay and unique setting makes it one of the most interesting titles to date. Every detail is calculated, evaluated and shifted into your focus. The cinematic story gives it defying nature as you explore the very concepts of off-world reality. The combat itself is embedded into this, letting you change the world to the way you wish to use it. This makes it fast-paced, fluid and incredibly satisfying for those that know how to control it. 

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

World of Warcraft has been going strong for 16 years now. However, this latest expansion was just the boost it needed to get things rolling again. A new story and a new-level up system shake things up a little with new classes to try out and all-new abilities to test in detailed dungeons and raids. Whether you play with friends or play by yourself, there is so much new content to unpack and get involved in. Players can customise their character with new options to make their experience feel that much fresher. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator has become a recent success with its new and improved graphics. The peripheral support makes the flying feel that much more alive and free. It is definitely made by those who love the experience and wish to replicate it as much as they can through the game itself. The level of detail is designed to immerse yourself completely in the pilot seat. You can take control of some of the most well-crafted aircraft in existence. While not for everyone, it is an experience that is certainly worth trying out if you ever come across the chance. 

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter has been a franchise that has flown under the radar for some time. While it mainly has a niche following, the release of Monster Hunter World, however, has skyrocketed its name to the farthest points of gaming. When it came to PC, the popularity continued. The new functions that PC adds make it one of the most popular games to date. Fight bigger and scarier monsters in stunning visual quality. Strip them for parts and earn yourself valuable loot. Make bigger weapons than the monsters and become a pro monster-hunting savage. 

The Valor of Achieving
The Valor of Achieving
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