The Valor of Achieving

While we’re all waiting for the next massive update to Shadowlands that will come in the form of patch 9.1, Blizzard could let us hanging, so they released a smaller, middle patch 9.0.5. However, it turned out to be quite a substantial one, targeting almost all major gameplay systems, including the valor points changes, massive class balance changes. The best part is this patch kind of came as a surprise. It was announced that it would be released in March, but based on this info, it could come as soon as 31 of March 11:59. Nobody really expected to see it in the first half of the month. It’s also the first update in 3.5 months since the expansion’s release.

Although if you expected any new story quests or, god forbid, new zones, this isn’t a patch for you. This is strictly the under-the-hood stuff. However, even though there’s no new content that we as fans used to associate with every major patch, it would be wrong to say that this patch isn’t worth talking about.

The main star of the patch is the introduction of the new system, which the player base has been crying out for forever. What’s special about this iteration of the Valor Points system is that it only works with Mythic+ instances. If you expected something like an honor vendor for PvP, but for PvE, where you can just dump all of your gathered by grinding points into a nice new piece of gear and then spend the leftovers on upgrading it. There’s no vendor, the gear that can be upgraded comes from the mythic+ dungeons, and it’s not the one that you can get from the vault in a current week. On top of that, the amount of mythic+ achievements determine the amount of Valor Points each of your characters can have. That said, anyone can upgrade using this system to ilvl200, but you need a certain achievement to upgrade them to 207. So it looks like we’re all be farming achievements for the foreseeable future.

We’re All Going to Change Our Covenants Now, Probably

Some significant tuning happened to the Covenant’s exclusive abilities. Looks like these aren’t going anywhere, whether you like it or not. Some of these changes are so grand that some of the classes might decide to switch covenants. Holy priests with allegiance to Night Fae? Their Fae Guardians ability got buffed now, giving the 20% of damage reduction instead of 10%.

The classes have received a lot of tuning. Shamans, for instance, got a major buff across all 3 specs. Elementals have received an insane 415% boost to their AoE ability called Earthquake, and the rest of the buffs are in the same style. As a whole host of anima powers got changed for Torghast. Again, nothing new in the content department for our favorite new activity. However, the quality of life improvements those changes bring is most welcomed.

These and some more minor adjustments are what make this new patch that came out literally a few days ago. Of course, there are some fans who absolutely despise it, and there are those who embrace the new things—especially the new Valor system. If you’re among those who could do without one more grinding task in Shadowlands, maybe you’d be interested in checking out what services are awaiting you behind that link. Who knows?

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