Best Research Paper Writing Services: How to Choose the Right Services

‘Research Paper’ are the two words that can make your college life difficult if you have zero ideas on how to write one. Moreover, some degrees and academic programs require you to submit research for a large part of your grades. This also means that you have to turn in a well-researched and meaningful paper to get that A.

Typically, a research paper is five to seven pages long. The structure goes something like – Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References (this more or less remains the same). 

If this sounds too much work to you, then you might want to order a research paper. The research paper writing services will 

How do we know which services are the best?

We will warn you right here at the start – Not all the online writing services you see on the internet are legit. The chances are that you might end up on a scammy site, lose your money, and you won’t even get that paper done.

To avoid all this hassle and trauma, we came up with a checklist to know if the site is legit or not. Any genuine services would –

  1. Have an extensive service menu that lists everything that they offer.
  2. Display their best features on the home page (like – free corrections or their finished works).
  3. Have prompt and responsive customer support.
  4. Make it easy for you to get in touch with them. 
  5. Have good user reviews and decent ratings. 
  6. Display testimonies.
  7. Provide a personalized approach.
  8. Have qualified writers on board.

Why Have We Picked These Companies?

First, these writing services are tried and tested. That means we have made sure that these companies tick off everything on our checklist. 

Plus, we did the homework for you. We tested out a few features on each website to make sure the service sticks to its promise. We went through a dozen testimonies, ratings, and reviews to ensure that you buy from the best. 

The Best Research Paper Writing Services Available Online



As the name hints, aims to deliver essays and papers to students at a cheap rate. They promise to battle the deadlines for you and make sure this does not cost you an entire month’s allowance.

When you enter the site, you will observe that it loads quickly. The home page has all the essential elements right at the top (like about us, contact us, services, and order tabs). The service list is quite long, detailed and lets you choose the specific one (for instance, they have listed Cheap History Paper Writing Service and even Do My Homework). 

The Blog section is quite interesting and informative. It features numerous articles on career, education, success and is specially focused on writing. So, you will come across a lot of writing tips and guides.

You can get in touch with the service providers via email or send a message through the ‘contact us’ page. 

Coupon code: 1order2021


  • Cheap rates advertises itself on the affordable rates and quality papers. And it sticks to its promise; you will find their services quite affordable. 

  • Timely Service

Depending on your deadline, you can place an order. And the writers will make sure you get it well within the deadline.

  • Experienced writers

Another good thing about is that they let you choose the writer. So, for your research paper, you can pick an expert writer. The writers that work for the services hold relevant degrees and writing skills. And you don’t have to worry about grammar or spellings either.

  • Free Revisions

After you receive your order, you can go through it and contact the services if you want any changes to be made. They will correct it for free multiple times.


  • No information about writers

Unlike other sites, does not give a glimpse at its team.

  • No links to any social media platform

They haven’t linked out to any external social media platforms. 

The quotation window is not displayed right there on the home page. To get an idea of the cost, you have to go to the ‘Order’ tab and fill in the details there. However, this is a mere inconvenience for some people. 

You can also get your research paper rewritten or edited if you have already written it. 

This website has been in the writing game for around 12 years. has a vivid home page with space, stars, and astronauts. This writing service aims to help students with any and every kind of paper. The quotation box is placed on the right-hand side of the home page. You can get a price estimate right away.

The writers at are categorized as primary, advanced, and top. The basic writers have three years of experience in writing. Whereas the advanced ones are experts in their fields, and the top ones are top-rated native writers. You can get in touch with the writer and provide instructions from time to time. also has an app that can be installed on various devices. You can keep track of the progress on your control panel (you get this when you signup and place an order) or on the app. You can get updates on your order via customer support and email or SMS too. 

You can quickly get in touch with the service providers via live chat that runs 24/7, email, messenger, or even phone. Their FAQs section is quite detailed and will answer most of your queries. 

Coupon code: 1order2021


  • Instant Quotation

As the box appears right on the home page, you enter a few details and get an estimated cost. You can also visit the ‘Prices’ page for a more detailed break-down of the price structure. 

  • Discounts

They make it clear that regular customers will be showered with some additional benefits. For your loyalty, you also get some extra perks. In any case, you get a second version of the same assignment at a 30% discount. 

  • You can pick the writer.

You can visit their ‘Our Writers’ page and get an idea about how they hire writers. At the bottom of the page, you will see an anonymous list of their famous writers, their area of expertise, and the number of successful projects. 

  • Responsive Customer Support

There are numerous ways to get in touch with the service agents – messenger, live chat, email, and phone call.

  • Personalized approach

Since you will constantly be in touch with the writer, you can guide the writer about your requirements.


  • The bundles can get expensive.

Yes, even with the discounts and loyalty programs, the ‘bundle’ can be costly. The top writers are expensive, and so is the plagiarism report for a lengthy project.


Evolutionwriters provide their services in the US and UK. And they have an attractive website. The home page is studded with ultra-modern cartoons that relate to students at all levels. At the same time, the home page has all the necessary information tucked smartly. You can find the list of services, FAQs, prices, our writers, and order tabs right at the top. They also offer an app for android users!

You can get an instant quotation with a few clicks on the home page. To get a more detailed pricing structure, you can click on the ‘prices’ tab at the top. The prices are all laid down on a simple table. You will observe that the charges are reasonable, but the cost increases with your urgency. 

You can contact the service providers easily and quickly via the round button at the right-hand bottom. They provide phone, email, and live chat as well. To resolve your basic queries, you can visit the FAQs section. 

Along with writing services, also offers editing, proofreading, and rewriting services. This means you can get your half-written research paper finished and edited. 

Coupon code: 1order2021


  • Affordable Rates is one of the most affordable sites out there. They charge minimal rates depending on your academic level, type of work, and the number of pages. They offer a fresh take on the writing services.

  • You can pick the writers.

Yes, you can pick the writer. You can click on the ‘our writers’ tab and take a look at their top writers. The authors remain anonymous, but you can see their areas of expertise, ratings, and number of finished projects. If you have a medical research paper to write, you can pick the writer with relevant skills.

  • 3 Free Revisions

You can get your paper corrected up to 3 times, which is more than enough. Typically, a paper needs one or two revisions. 

  • Discount for First-timers

As a newbie, you are offered a freebie. You can get a free plagiarism report when you sign up and place your first order. The site also has other offers like a 5% discount on your first order and 10% on your second one. 

  • Personalized approach

Evoultionwriters put you in touch with the writer through a messaging service so that you can track progress. This minimizes the errors that may occur due to misinterpretation or misunderstanding of the concepts. 


  • Okayish discounts

Even though the discounts will encourage users to go ahead and try their services, it is not much. If you spend $500 on an assignment, a 5% discount means you get only $25 off.

  • The Top writers are expensive.

It is justified that the top writers are the most experienced ones and know what they are writing. Even so, the prices for hiring them are high.

The website has a bright blue interface that is easy to navigate. It has a no-nonsense approach and takes you directly to its services and price calculator. You can watch an introductory video or choose to read the introduction. This is the best place to get your college essay done.

The ‘Services’ list is quite detailed. So, you get a glimpse of the various services they offer. Here, you can also see the on-going offers. On their ‘Prices’ page, you can enter details of your assignment, deadline, academic level, number of pages, and deadline. You get an accurate cost idea. 

The blog features a few articles that are mostly related to writing. 

Under the ‘Contact Us’ page, you can fill a contact form and get in touch with them. Towards the bottom, they have provided their physical address. You will see that they have linked to their Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter if you scroll down. 

Coupon code: 1order2021


  • A huge array of services.

You can get almost any assignment done here. They offer services in various niches, and they write multiple types of projects (like essays, research papers, lab reports, admission essays, and more).

  • Reasonable prices

You will not think twice before you pay. The prices are reasonable and will not empty your pockets.

  • Unlimited Revisions

You can ask the service provider to make changes as many times as you want.

  • Direct contact with the writers

Once you place an order, they establish direct contact with you and the writer. 


  • They don’t reveal their writers.

They choose the writer for you according to your requirements. You can change the writer if you wish to. However, you get to know the writers only after you place an order. They don’t have an ‘Our Writers’ section on their site that lists their writers. has a simple, pastel home page that has a price calculator at the right. You can find all about their services in detail as you scroll down. They specialize in admission essays, but they take on other writing projects as well.

As far as their customer support is concerned, you can use the live chat, email, or phone call to contact them. You can access all the options through the round button at the bottom of the page. 

Here too, the writers are categorized as basic, advanced, and top. And then the ‘Our Writers’ page goes on to list some of their top writers.

You can track the progress of your research paper on the control panel.

Coupon code: 1order2021


  • Low prices

The services are fairly priced. The costs will rise if you get some add-ons or premium writers. But overall, it is always within your budget.

  • Responsive service

They respond quickly, and their customer support is excellent.

  • Quick calculator

The price calculator gives you an instant idea if the service fits your pocket.


  • Okayish discounts

The discounts are nothing impressive. It gives you a 5% discount on your first order. 

  • Mostly academic

The site is mostly focused on academic writing. 


Lastly, we would suggest you check the paper thoroughly and judge the quality. Do not hesitate to leave honest feedback on the sites. This helps them to review their services and improve. 


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