How to Wax at Home

Waxing is by far the best and most effective hair removal method to remove hair from the body and leave behind a soft, smooth result. However, the reality is, do-it-yourself waxing at home can be hard work. Also, if you do it wrong, it can be painful.

The purpose of this article is to present you with a process for waxing your legs (or other parts of your body) like a pro for a whole lot less money.

First time, a Reminder to Be Safe

Whether you know how to wax at home and have done this many times or you are a brand-new do-it-yourself waxer, it’s important to remember that home waxing without seriously hurting yourself takes some practice. That means it’s best to start slow and small. Take on a small patch of hair first, before you take on the entire leg.

Most who have done this before suggest starting with a small spot on either your arm or your leg at first, since either of those will have a lesser impact if you do mess it up. After all, you are using a hot waxing machine to prepare to spread the hot wax on your skin, so caution is warranted.

Once you feel you have mastered hair removal of the arm or the leg, or perhaps both, you can move on to the underarms, or the face, or other areas. Just remember that starting out. It’s best to take your time and wax small sections at a time, at least until you’re used to the feeling. Just remember, it’s not a race. Go slowly and learn. Successful home waxing just takes time.

First Step – Gather the Stuff You’ll Need 

The first step of waxing at home, you will need hot wax beans, which will go into the hot waxing machine. Many experts recommend hard wax beads, but there are many to choose from, so finding the right ones is necessary. The hard beads rank among the top choices because they tend to be the easiest to melt and apply, regardless of the body part or region you want to wax.

According to many do-it-yourselfers, these beads seem to be among the easiest to melt and apply to any part of the body, and they removed the most hair with the least pain. In addition, they are cited as among the least messy overall.

This type of home waxing is more pain-free than the use of wax strips, according to almost everyone, whether you’re doing it at home or you’re at a spa or a shop staffed by professionals.

Step Two – Melt Your Wax Beads 

Once you have your wax beads, it’s time to insert them into your hot waxing machine and let it do its thing. The wax machine is something every do-it-yourself waxer should have. It’s possible to melt the wax in a microwave, but a wax warmer is a whole lot more convenient and dependable.

For one thing, the microwave will do the job at first, but it won’t keep the wax consistently warm. Plus, you will have to be doing the waxing right next to the microwave so you don’t have to watch it get cold enough to have to nuke it again. On the other hand, a hot waxing machine is very small and will fit almost anywhere, and it will heat the wax quickly and evenly, and it will keep it consistently warm as you go.

Step Three – Use An Applicator

When the wax has been melted, you will need a way to spread it over the area of your body where you want hair removal.

Many people choose to use a plastic angled spatula. However, many more DIY waxers prefer to use wooden wax applicators because they are pretty cheap and they do the job needed. As noted, these wooden wax applicators can be found almost everywhere for a very reasonable price.

This is another area where the hard wax beads are preferable. You see, with most hard waxes, it is also necessary to apply some sort of pre-wax oil or powder, in order to ensure that the wax picks up mostly hair and doesn’t stick to the skin. With hard wax beads, however, that is unnecessary. 

One last safety tip: avoid waxing right after heating the wax; that’s how people get burned, literally. Instead, let the wax sit for a bit and test the temperature before applying. Give a bit to cool and stir it a few times, to prevent tragedy. Once the wax is comfortable, then apply just a small bit of wax, in the direction the hair grows. Once again, home waxing safely means being patient.

Step Four – Hair removal, Let it Cool and Harden, Then Remove

Once you have spread on the wax, make sure to give the patch a little time to cool and harden. When you use wax beans, this happens relatively quickly, but you can check the progress by tapping the wax with your fingertip a few times. Once it is smooth and firm to the touch, it is ready to be removed.

To do so, use the tip of your applicator to lift to loosen a small part of the edge and then rip. It is absolutely necessary that you remove it quickly and firmly, like the proverbial bandage removal. It is always less painful and more effective to rip it off in the opposite direction of hair growth. It’s the only part of this process that has to go fast.

Step Five – Aftercare to prevent ingrown hairs

A couple of days after waxing, you can start exfoliating to prevent ingrown hairs until your next home wax. Enjoy this “How to Wax at Home” guide and take your time, and by all means, good luck.

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