Pros and Cons of Living in a Dorm With a Pet

Pets help many students cope with depression. Training takes too much effort, and having a pleasant time with a cat or dog is the best option for many people. But you should understand that many pets can be a problem, especially if you live with other people. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of living in a dorm with a pet.


Improves Mood

Any pet is an endless positive and a stream of pleasant memories. Very often, students decide to have a puppy, kitten, or even an iguana. Everyone loves a certain type of animal, but they can all be cute and playful. Your pet can improve your mood even after a tough day. Students especially often choose cats because they help to cope with stress. Even feeding your pet can be a kind of entertainment. But be sure to read the Young Again cat food review to find the one that suits your cat.

Gains Responsibility

An animal requires constant care and attention. This gains responsibility. As a result, the student can learn to make the right decisions, take care of their pet and calculate their own budget. This mobilization of responsibility is very important in everyday life, and people with pets are quicker to solve problems in stressful situations.

Possibility to Meet New Friends

Guys and girls can better meet other people in the dorm or anywhere else thanks to pets. Having an animal in your arms or on a leash is a reason to start a conversation. It will be easier for other people to approach you and question your dog or cat. As a result, you can find friends or even start a romantic relationship faster. An animal is an excuse to start a dialogue and not be shy in finding the right words.

They’re Always There for You

Many animals have a strong affection for humans. This is especially true for dogs. Imagine that someone truly loves you and cannot step back. For many single students, this is a real gift. A pet will create a cozy atmosphere for you. Selfless love is one of the main reasons to buy a dog, cat, or another animal.


Additional Expenses

Any pet is an additional cost. Prepare to pay bills, buy the best dog food for large breeds, and regularly visit your vet. Many dogs, cats, and other pets can get sick frequently, so insurance can help. 

The animal also needs toys, a sleeping place, and additional accessories like a leash or a collar with a GPS tracker. And don’t forget that many animals need vitamins, exclusively purified water, and a groomer. This is especially true for long-haired dogs. Professional services are expensive, and you should think about it beforehand.

Cleaning Up After Pets

Get ready to clean up after your pet in the dorm and outside. In the case of a dog, you always have to be on the lookout so that your pet does not ruin someone’s flower bed. Cat litter boxes need to be emptied in time. The same goes for hamsters, raccoons, iguanas, and other animals. Sometimes, timely cleaning may not be enough. Get ready to spend extra on air fresheners.

Possible Noise Complaints

If you buy an aquarium with fish, then it is unlikely to disturb other people. But a cat or dog can make a lot of noise. Imagine your pet is hungry. The first thing you hear is barking or a loud meow. The biggest problem is that it can happen at any time. Many walls in most dorms are made of drywall and timber frames. This means that other people will be able to hear well even when your pet is playing with you, jumping on the carpet, or whining while you are away.

You Adopt a Pet for the Rest of Their Life

This is an important feature rather than a disadvantage. Nevertheless, you must understand that an animal can live for 10-15 years, and this is not a toy that can be thrown away after six months. Living things will be with you for a very long time, so you should think carefully before buying a pet. Perhaps you first need to think and weigh the benefits and cons. As a last resort, you should find someone to take care of your pet when you complete your training and leave the dorm.

Final Words

A pet is a good way to combat depression and an opportunity to meet new people. But you should understand the main advantages and disadvantages before buying an animal. Another important aspect is responsibility. A pet is not a toy but a living creature that needs care. If you are ready for the responsibility and are not afraid of all cons, your pet will become a good friend. Make a decision based on all aspects that might be important to you. Then living in a dorm with a pet will not be a problem for you.

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