Should People Drink Coffee Close to Bedtime

Many people claim that they cannot completely wake up without a cup of coffee, so all their thoughts are aimed at getting this drink in the morning. Coffee is the most affordable and popular energy drink worldwide. Avid coffee admirers consume about 12 kg of coffee beans per year, and it looks like they do it around the clock. The current pace of life makes people work a lot to keep the lights on, so it is not surprising they need a helper to meet this challenge. And it is when caffeine comes to the rescue. It invigorates, helps wake up and concentrate.

People get used to its effect and increase the amount consumed. It results in addiction, so they cannot resist the temptation to drink one more cup. But while its impact can be useful in the morning, a night portion may cause insomnia. Nonetheless, some people claim that they drink coffee instead of sleeping pills. How can it happen that the same substance can cause insomnia and promote sound sleep? 

Influence on human biorhythms

When you drink your first cup of coffee, you will hardly feel the effect right away since caffeine starts working only in 20 minutes. Japanese have found that those who drink coffee in the daytime and go to bed right away can wake up vigorous in 20 minutes and remain energetic until the end of the day. The same thing happens in the evening. Caffeine suppresses the production of the hormone melatonin, which promotes the transition into a deep sleep. Even if a person manages to fall asleep, it will be about REM sleep. So, if you drink a cup of coffee too late, you may either not fall asleep or spend the whole night in the REM cycle.

The impact of caffeine on the human body is individual. According to scientists, 3-10% of people don’t feel any effect of caffeine on the nervous system, so they don’t have any sleep issues regardless of drinking coffee. Others feel the action of the alkaloid for about 2-7 hours. That’s why you may come across the recommendation to refrain from drinking coffee at least four hours before bedtime.

Those who drink coffee in the evening to cope with drowsiness should bear in mind that caffeine shifts biorhythms by about 40 minutes. If you do not sleep for the same 40 minutes longer in the morning, you will feel weak all day, and your concentration will be extremely low. And if you continue to suppress sleepiness with the help of coffee, you run the risk of developing chronic fatigue syndrome. Therefore, when you decide to buy a coffee machine, opt for the top rated single serve coffee makers, so you will limit yourself to one cup of coffee per day.

Can you drink coffee before bedtime?

Investigating the effects of coffee on sleep, the researchers have concluded that morning people have a more vulnerable nervous system than night ones. That’s why the former often suffer from insomnia after drinking coffee at the wrong time, while the latter are less sensitive to caffeine and more likely to sleep deeply at night.

However, you should remember that such statements apply only to people who don’t have any health issues. The thing is that coffee causes elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and a diuretic effect. So, even if you are a night person to your fingertips, you will not fall asleep if the heart beats too fast and the pressure goes off the scale. According to statistics, most people start suffering from some problems with the cardiovascular system after 35-40 years, so if you are in the risk group with similar health issues, you should stay away from evening coffee.

Who can sleep after midnight coffee?

If a person can fall asleep after coffee, they are either insensitive to caffeine or drink more than 4 cups a day, or consume instant coffee. 

Instant coffee is obtained from coffee beans. And even though most people know only about caffeine, they contain another alkaloid, theobromine. It causes vasoconstriction of the kidneys and drowsiness. When you drink natural coffee, caffeine suppresses the effects of theobromine. Only people with kidney disease can feel mild discomfort due to vasoconstriction.

The highest concentration of caffeine in the bean is near the outer shell, and the maximal concentration of theobromine is in the center. Instant coffee brands have different manufacturing processes, and some remove the top layer from the beans. As a result, caffeine and theobromine balances in the drink are disturbed, and coffee begins to act as a sleeping pill. And it would be a wise decision to purchase one of the affordable coffee makers and treat yourself to quality coffee.

Those who drink more than 4 cups of coffee daily can develop a certain level of tolerance, and their bodies work hard to resist the alkaloid’s effect. So, sleep mood can be a dangerous symptom that suggests reducing daily coffee consumption.

Besides, in some cases, if a person is insensitive to caffeine’s stimulatory effects, it can be about an unconscious desire to show off, demonstrating that they are not like everyone else. Thus, while other people stay awake after coffee, the drink works as a sleeping peel for them. However, the negative effect of the alkaloid on the heart and blood vessels doesn’t go anywhere. Therefore, it is better not to overdo it with coffee.

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