What Makes New Zealand such an Attractive Country?

New Zealand is one of the most attractive countries in the world. It is often celebrated for its breathtaking scenery – high mountains, green forests, lakes, caves, coves, and even ancient glaciers, all being habitats to rich wildlife. It’s also widely known for its indigenous well-preserved Mauri culture and of course Rugby!

Few destinations worldwide can match what the country has to offer. As the country’s abundance of attractions, it’s no wonder that JackpotCity’s Online Casino for Kiwis offers a big variety of entertainment as well.

So, what makes New Zealand such an attractive country? Take this journey of discovery to find out more.

Amazing Nature

One of the things that make New Zealand an attractive country is its beauty. The country’s climate is pleasant, and the scenes are picturesque. Its beautiful beaches attract visitors from all corners of the world. Many tourists enjoy hiking on the pristine beaches decorated with lush trees, gigantic ferns, and a temperate climate.

There are also glaciers that attract people that fancy hiking on the glaciers. Popular glacier hiking spots include Fox and Franz Josef. However, climate change is causing the glaciers to melt. Since you cannot trek there for safety, there are helicopter tours.


Wildlife is perhaps the unique thing about New Zealand, especially the birds. Many of the bird species found in the country are only present in New Zealand. You cannot see these bird species anywhere else around the world. Some of the popular species include the kiwi and the kea, the only alpine parrot in the world. Even if you are not into birds, you will leave having developed a thing for birds when you visit New Zealand.

There are also some unique insects found in the country. They include the white-tailed spider, the carnivorous snail, giant wetas, the powerlliphanta, among many other insects.

Unique Sporting Activities

New Zealand is regarded as the most adventurous country in the world. Here, many people spend a fortune just to enjoy thrilling activities such as skydiving, bungy jumping, and white-water rafting. When you travel to New Zealand, you can choose from among very many activities to enjoy. Other extreme sports activities include zorbing, ziplining, paragliding, and transalpine hiking.

The country is also known for offering some of the best cycling tracks. Cyclists from around the world usually meet in the country to explore some of the best cycling trails.   

The Maori Culture

The Maori were the first people to settle in New Zealand. They are Polynesian explorers, and their origin is still being discussed. In New Zealand, they have established their culture such that each landmark in the country has a legend. The best way to experience the Maori culture is through attending cultural performances like song and dance. Their dance is the iconic kappa haka, which was also adopted by the National Rugby team, the All Blacks. Kapa haka means join in for a hangi meal.

The Cuisine

Besides the mouth-watering Hangi, there are many other delicacies you can enjoy from the local cuisine. Examples include the L&P, which is a soft drink of Lemon and Paeroa that is readily available. If you love chocolate, you will enjoy Whittaker’s Chocolate blocks available in several flavor combinations. Finally, go to the streets and try the street foods for some of the most authentic local delicacies.

Final Thoughts about New Zealand

New Zealand has stood out as one of the countries that effectively controlled the spread of the Coronavirus. The country’s positive outlook has earned them a spot in the top ten happiest countries. They were ranked the eighth happiest nation by the 2019 UN World Happiness report.


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