Bravely Default II Demo Now Available

Getting a chance to play a demo version of an upcoming game is a great way of giving it a try before spending any money on it. Therefore, gamers will be pleased to see that the final demo of Bravely Default II is now ready for us to try.

The Full Story

Despite its name, Bravely Default II will actually be the third Nintendo Switch game in this series to be published by Square Enix. Following on from the Bravely Default and Bravely Second titles, it brings us a new group of characters in a fresh setting but retains some of the original gameplay from the earlier games.

This new release will see us transported to a continent known as Excillant that is split up into five unique kingdoms. The main characters come from a diverse range of backgrounds, such as the refugee princess Gloria and the sailor called Seth. The others are Adelle the mercenary and Elvis the traveling scholar.

A demo was revealed earlier in 2020 and was well-received, although some players felt that it was a little bit too difficult. However, the impressive graphical style and fun gameplay helped to build up expectation levels among fans to an even higher level than they were already.

Now, a final demo has been released, although it is currently only available for players in the US. The full game is due to come out on 26th February next year on a worldwide basis.

The Benefits of Releasing New Games as Demos

This is one of several new games that have been released as demo versions before the full game is available. If you look in Steam, you will find a demos section that includes upcoming launches like Lost Lands: Redemption and Space Slurpies. You could also go back and check out a few of the demos of games that have now been officially launched.

Bringing out a demo of a new game is a risky approach, as it could sink without a trace on the official release date if people don’t like what they see. Yet, if the preview turns out to be a success then there are sure to be lots of people waiting eagerly to buy it once it finally goes up for sale.

The decision to release a high-profile demo or not probably comes down to how confident the developers are about the game. If they think that people will love it then they will be keen to get it out as a demo to help spread the word of how good it is to play.

How Demos Are Now More Popular in Other Areas Too

The idea of bringing out a demo version that people can try for free is something that can now be seen in other industries, as well as in gaming. This isn’t limited to newly released products, as you can also try the TV shows and movies at Netflix for a month and cancel after that if you aren’t hooked.

The Spotify streaming service gives you three months to listen to their premium service for free without ads before deciding whether to carry on with a paid subscription after that or stick to the free service with ads on it. Look for any online service or product and there is a chance that it comes with a free trial period or demo version that you can try. Even newspapers like The Telegraph and the Financial Times now offer free trials of their subscription-based plans.

This approach has reached areas that you might not expect. For instance, most of the providers at TopRatedForexBrokers offer demo accounts to new traders. Big-name platforms like MT4, JForex, and Trading Station all offer this sort of service for free. This allows for risk-free trading and lets a newcomer learn about the different concepts and strategies involved in the industry before using their own cash.

What Can We Expect for Bravely Default II?

If we go back to the game from Square Enix, the decision to release a free demo seems to have been justified, as the reviews of it have been generally good. The fact that it is quite difficult may put off some gamers, but overall the high quality of the demo should help to ensure that it gets off to a strong start once it goes on sale at the start of next year.

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