College Basketball – Does The Spread Pay Off?

College basketball is back and it is definitely one sport that a lot of fans are happy to see return. However, if you are looking to gamble or bet on college basketball, you may start to ask yourself if betting the spread actually pays off or not. The other thing that you should be asking is how should I be placing bets on the spread to help guarantee that I am getting a good chance of winning the bet, instead of losing all of my money.

What Is The Spread

One thing that you need to understand is what the spread is and how it works. The spread is simply the amount of points that a team is supposed to be able to win the game by. For example, if you have a spread that is -23 that means the team that is the favorite has to win the game by 23.5 points for you to have a winning game. If they do not win by that amount of points, then you have lost your bet and will not be able to collect your money on the day since you lost.

How Should I Bet The Spread

The first thing that you need to do is study the spread and see what kind of spread is available and if it looks reasonable. Building off of the example from above of -23 if the team that has the -23 point advantage only scores 70 points per game that means the opponent would have to stay under 47 points for you to win on average. So that might not be a feasible bet unless the team that is -23 as the favorite is giving up only 45 points a game or the opponent is averaging only 55 points or under which could help the favorite win.

Is Betting The Spread Profitable

One thing that a lot of people tend to ask is if betting the spread is profitable or not. Well, that really depends on if you keep getting winners or not. However, with some of the games being so lopsided the spread bets may be the only way to make money. A good example is some of the bets on the money line that comes out with a heavily favored spread line may be set at a -1600 or even -2000 which means to win a hundred bucks you would have to bet that amount on the money line. With the spread the favorites are usually placed on a -110 or -115 to get the win, which is a lot less risky for the same amount of award. So with the money line having such a smaller risk it is easier for you to see that you could win quite a bit based off of the spread, without losing as much money.

Betting on college basketball is a great way to make a lot of money by betting. The problem that comes up for a lot of people is placing the wrong bets or not fully understanding the spread when they bet. This is why you should know more about the spread and how to bet the sport. Then you can start to learn more about the picks you are making and how they will impact what you are betting, but also knowing if your NCAAB picks are the best one that you should be making.

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