Why Blackjack is Still a Perennial Favourite in Online Casinos

Interest in gaming as a whole is at an all-time high, from the latest generation of consoles being on the way to storied franchises releasing their next chapters. One of the ever-present popular sectors of entertainment is that of online casino gaming. The sites continue to update game libraries and explore new technologies to enhance the form of gaming.

However, amidst the thousands of eye-catching slot games and big jackpot titles, it’s one of the oldest and least-changed games that remain a perennial favorite at Casino.com: blackjack. The table game continues to draw a massive digital crowd in the modern space, but how has the game of 21 managed to achieve this feat?

Blackjack is accessible in every regard


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To a tremendous degree, convenience is what drives a lot of the gaming industry. Even though there are many distinctly lacking mobile games available, those that rise to the top prove to be easy to understand, high-quality, and entertaining. Convenience is, of course, key, but the product also has to meet very high standards.

This is the sentiment that Casino.com followed, per this review of their blackjack offerings, by creating a nearly flawless total casino app that offers the pinnacle of convenient blackjack play. Having a high-quality mobile offering has become essential for casino games. While playing blackjack through the Casino.com website offers a larger screen, all of the in-game plays are present and easier to use through mobiles.

Now available through the classy mobile app with touch-screen controls and on laptops and PCs, blackjack has perfectly adapted to modern gaming. Being accessible explains how blackjack has remained so popular centuries since its invention. However, it doesn’t explain the real allure of the card game.

The mystique of blackjack brings in the crowds


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Many people play casino games for their entertainment value or to test their luck, but since the 1950s, blackjack has been the game of the savvy gambler. Now known as the “Four Horsemen,” James McDermott, Wilbert Cantey, Herbert Maisel, and Roger Baldwin formulated the optimized way to play blackjack. Their publication of Basic Strategy opened the floodgates, showing people that they can beat the casino.

The strategies that evolved after the Four Horsemen proved the existence of an optimal way to play require tremendous mental capacity. You need to be able to remember hundreds, even thousands, of optimized situational plays and be able to crunch probability on the spot. It wasn’t long before organized teams trained blackjack to make money, with the MIT Blackjack Team being the most famous of those who did so.

Publicizing blackjack as a game that can be defeated while further escalating the persona of those capable of besting blackjack was Hollywood. Several series and movies delve hype-up blackjack players and the game as one that can be won, from Rain Man to 21 to The Hangover.

Not only does the mystique of blackjack keep it in high regard among casino gamers, but its sheer quality and accessibility through Casino.com allow it to remain a favorite.

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