The Casino Cruise Roulette Experience is the Breath of Fresh Air We’ve Been Looking For

Gamers are accustomed to having diverse and deep game libraries at their disposal, with several exclusives tied to platforms to entice their loyalties. You only have to look to last year’s top games to see the range people have come to expect at the highest level of the entertainment medium. It’s why the online casino platforms that rise to the top tend to be those flooded with variety.

In video gaming, developers can explore all sorts of genres, from fantasy to racing, sports to science-fiction, historical to shooters. In casino gaming, however, there’s a set few types of games to be played. Despite this, one site has gone above and beyond to offer depth and variety in a game that’s been mostly the same since the mid-1800s.

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Casino Cruise going above and beyond in RNG roulette

Taking a leaf from the book of successful gaming hardware, Casino Cruise is now ranked very highly by comparison sites because of its desire to offer depth in each type of game with casino cruise roulette being a particular highlight.

There are three base forms of roulette: French, European, and American. At Casino Cruise, not only is each base covered, but there are versions from three leading developers as well as unique variants. You can find fun oddities like Multi-Wheel, Multi-Player, and Roulette Advanced in the RNG roulette section, with each of them offering a different experience and selection of rules to utilize.

It’s a proven method of appealing to gamers. In video gaming, the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch have obliterated the Xbox One in sales, which is almost entirely down to the depth of the games on offer and the quality of their exclusives. For example, just in the fantasy genre of gaming, the Sony console boasts God of War, Shadow of Colossus, and Bloodborne, not to mention the non-exclusive titles.

While RNG roulette remains popular on the site, primarily due to the selection offered, its on-site competitor, live roulette, is proving to be a tremendous draw that’s taking online roulette to the next level.

Showing the games industry the potential of live streaming

Simply due to how cut-throat the industry has become online, platforms like Casino Cruise are always rapid to try to adopt and expand new and emerging technologies. Nowhere has this been best demonstrated than with its live roulette selection.

Live streaming has seen a tremendous uptick in gaming recently, despite it already being a massive part of the experience these days. However, live streaming is still very much about viewing. In live roulette, you both see the real game being performed live by a human host and play that same game in real-time.

It’s proven to be revolutionary, with further variants like Lightning, Immersive, Speed Auto, Dragonara, and VIP Live rising to the top at Casino Cruise roulette. Players enjoy the ability to play the game they’re watching in real-time, with the additional live competition from other players and its added authenticity being significant draws. Since live roulette came to the fore, Google has been working on a similar feature for its Stadia streaming platform.

Roulette may have gone unchanged for centuries, but if you play at Casino Cruise, you wouldn’t think that this was the case.

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