WATCH: Donald Trump Releases Heated Interview With NBC News

Donald Trump sat down for an interview with NBC News correspondent Lesley Stahl. Reports surfaced that the president walked out of the interview due to facing tough questions and now we can see more context.

Trump took to social media to share raw footage of the interview which shows him taking exception to some of the questions from Stahl.

“I will soon be giving a first in television history full, unedited preview of the vicious attempted ‘takeout’ interview of me by Lesley Stahl of @60Minutes,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Watch her constant interruptions & anger. Compare my full, flowing and ‘magnificently brilliant’ answers to their ‘Q’s.’

“Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS. Tonight’s anchor, Kristen Welker, is far worse!”

Despite the Trump campaign violating the agreement with NBC News and releasing the footage earlier than its scheduled release, NBC News plans on releasing the full exchange.

As for what’s next for Trump, his focus appears to be on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the slow leaking of information by personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Trump will also be on the stage tonight to debate Joe Biden at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. We will have to see what the president chooses to focus his attention on when the world is watching.

When is the Final 2020 Presidential Debate?
When is the Final 2020 Presidential Debate?
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