Voters Don’t Trust News on Social Media; Think It’s Made the World a Worse Place

A recent poll from Newsweek has been conducted among voters and revealed that they do not trust news from major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and Reddit.

More than 3,100 registered voters were polled with 42 percent saying they did not trust any social media platform.

Predictably, Facebook and Twitter were at the top of the list of services that voters distrust. Facebook, while having 35 percent of voters distrust its news, was the most trusted social media platform at 49 percent.

The most distrusted platform was Twitter, which had 15 percent of trust from voters and 40 percent of distrust.

From the poll:

Fifteen percent of respondents said that they trust Twitter and 40 percent said that they distrust the platform, leaving it with a net score of -25 percent.

However, that was eclipsed by TikTok, which 9 percent of respondents said they trust, compared to the 38 percent who said they do not trust the platform. This leaves it with a net score of -29 percent, the lowest of all of the social media platforms listed in the survey.

The poll found that voters also distrust Snapchat and Reddit more than they distrust Facebook.

LinkedIn was the most trusted platform.

In addition to the lack of trust from voters when it comes to the news, a majority of those polled said that social media has made the world a worse place.

We will have to see how that is reflected in the polls come the November 3 election.

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