How Casinos Will Work When They Reopen During a Pandemic

There is little doubt that COVID-19 has affected every business on the planet. A few ‘lucky’ businesses have seen a growth in sales and profits. These are generally the huge online retailers, such as Amazon

For many businesses re-opening is challenging, if they’re even allowed to reopen. The challenge is to keep people safe, generate profit, and be prepared for future lockdowns, if necessary.

Reopening is likely to change the way all casinos work.

Increase In Online Gambling

The simplest approach for many casinos and customers is to move online. There are plenty of sites that already offer this. Casinos could take a leaf out of other business books and introduce a fun and free online game. This is something that free pokies offer. It’s a great way for customers to have a little fun and test the types of games they like to play.

This will encourage more people to move online and continue playing.

In-House Changes 

The one-meter rule continues to exist. Any casino that is able to reopen will have to adapt. 

The first casualty will be the numbers. The number of people allowed on the premises will need to be strictly controlled. That means fewer people inside changing the ambiance of the casino.

There will also be fewer game options. Social distancing means there will need to be more space between players and between games. It’s likely slot machines numbers will half, as gaps are created between each one. 

The tables will also be reduced, allowing them to be larger for multi-player games. This will maintain social distancing while keeping players up per game. Of course, the larger tables mean they’ll be a lot less of them.

There may also be plastic screens between slot machines and between dealers and players on each table.

You’ll also find a lot of protective barriers. These will be alongside the face masks that are likely to be obligatory. Protective barriers will help to ensure everyone is safe within the casino.

 It goes without saying that hand-contact is going to be reduced. One of the biggest issues with this is the playing cards. The most likely scenario is an insistence on wearing gloves to protect you from accidentally coming into contact with COVID-19 through the cards and other items in-house. That’s if you’re even allowed to touch the cards.

You’ll also find that thermal cameras will be commonplace on the doors and perhaps even in the casino. These will allow staff to verify your temperature. Anyone running a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit will be refused entry and recommended to seek a COVID-19 test.

Betting will need to become digital, there will no longer be the fun of placing a stack of tokens on the table, it’s simply too dangerous.

One thing is certain, when they’re ready the casinos will reopen. They will operate very differently to pre-COVID-19 days. But, they will still offer the opportunity to beat the house, or more likely go home empty-handed. 


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