Florida Governor Proposes College ‘Bill of Rights’ to Party Despite COVID

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants to fight for your right to party. At a time when colleges are placing bans on large parties and strict safety restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic, DeSantis believes the rules should be reevaluated.

According to DeSantis, college students should not be punished for partying during the COVID-19 pandemic because that’s simply what college kids do.

“I understand that universities are trying to do the right thing,” DeSantis said, via the Associated Press. “But I personally think it’s dramatically draconian that a student could get potentially expelled for going to a party. That’s what college kids do.”

To show his support for the students, DeSantis wants to sign a “bill of rights” for college students to allow them to continue partying.

Whether that will end up getting passed as an executive order remains to be seen, but it may have just helped the governor pick up some extra votes from the college demographic.

Florida reported 2,541 more COVID-19 cases, bringing the statewide total to more than 693,000, on Thursday. There have also been nearly 14,000 coronavirus-related deaths in the state.

The coronavirus mainly comes from animals and a majority of those who were infected early either worked at or frequently visited the Huanan seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, according to The Guardian. The virus is similar to Severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) and Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (Mers).

The Wuhan coronavirus is transmitted from person to person through “droplet transmission.” That means an infected person can pass the virus by sneezing or coughing on another person as well as by direct contact.

While a majority of the cases have been detected in the United States and China — with more than 6.92 million confirmed cases and 201,000 deaths in the United States — it has now reached many countries around the world. It has also been confirmed in Italy, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and many other eastern countries.

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