Greg Sankey Discusses SEC Scheduling Plans For the Future

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey is ready to see his conference return to action this weekend. While the coronavirus pandemic has managed to change how the SEC football calendar will play out this year, it could also have an impact moving forward.

According to Sankey, there are still so many unknowns that will require the conference to reassess its plans going into the 2021 season.

“It is a strange year and it has to be understood in that context,” Sankey said, via “It will be a learning experience for all of us to play 10 games. I appreciate the input on nine games, but it creates some oddities on home and away balance. I don’t know that that’s really ever really been a great focus.

“The terms of playing 10 games were really dictated to us by the presence of COVID-19 and trying to think through what the best way to name an SEC champion this year [was] and it was control our schedule. We haven’t varied from that in the future. The reality is we don’t know what next year will look like, to be honest. We hear a lot about vaccine and this and that, immunity, but I don’t know what next year will look like. I hope that it’s back to normal and if it is back to normal, our plan is to play the eight conference games.”

We can only hope that things will begin getting closer to normal in 2021, but only time will tell.

What does matter, however, is that football is back on our screens and we can all appreciate that.

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