Milwaukee Students Overhear Fatal Shooting During Virtual Class

Milwaukee students were left in horror after overhearing a fatal shooting during one of their virtual classes, according to reports. Per ABC affiliate WISN-12, a students microphone picked up the sound of gunshots which prompted the teacher to call 911.

When police arrived at the home, a victim was found dead in the kitchen of the residence with gunshot wounds to the head.

45-year-old Mario Stokes has been charged in connection to the fatal shooting with his sister, Michelle Blackmon, identified as the victim. Stokes reportedly turned himself into police and informed them he was behind the trigger.

Stokes also stated, “he had argued with his sister the day before, and that he was still upset in the morning, that he stood in the kitchen and fired the gun.”

From the report:

The complaint says a person who lived at the residence with Stokes said “the defendant had been talking crazy on the morning of September 11, 2020 when she awaoke to the sound of 5 gunshots.” When this person went downstairs to find out what was going on, she told police Stokes said, ‘I’m on my way to the police to turn myself in.'” It was a short time later that Stokes entered the District 4 Police Station in Milwaukee — and informed the acting desk sergeant that “his sister no longer existed, that he did it and that he used a .380,” the complaint said.

Stokes was charged with one count of first-degree reckless homicide with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm.

The student whose microphone picked up the shooting was not injured.

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