Mailing text: Universal Tips For Creating Effective E-mails

We tell you how to write a working text for e-mail distribution – logical, structured, useful for the reader. We give some tips that make it easy to write a mailing list even for a novice copywriter and look at examples of successful emails.

Tips for writing an effective mailing list text

Those who start writing often look for a magic trick to make the text “tasty” and “selling”. Those who have been writing for a long time have already understood that there are no magic tricks, but there are basic rules of text construction. We tell you what to pay attention to so that the text of the mailing list turns out to be strong and performs its tasks.

Write for people, not for yourself.

The first error of companies is to write about themselves. Effective writing first of all solves the client’s problems, not just tells about the company. This service will help you to write a text from a third party.

Writing simply and without cliches.

Write in such a way that the text can be understood even by people “off-topic”. If you have a good understanding of your field, you probably use specific terms and a lot of professional slang. At the same time, among your subscribers may be the same professionals, and beginners who will have difficulty understanding the text. Try to write in a way that is understandable and interesting to both.

Do not write more than you need.

People have a lot to do besides reading mail. And if you send a long letter, they won’t even start reading it. Try to be brief – define for yourself the essence of the proposal for the three questions that we have described above, and wrap this essence in a minimum of text for mailing.

Add a minimum of CTA

The letter leads the reader to the target action – go to the site, buy, register. To avoid dispersion, select one target action and lead to it. This will help the reader to concentrate. How to make a compelling CTA, read our article.

You can use several identical CTAs, for example, in a selection of products, so that a subscriber can buy one of them immediately. You can put several CTA buttons in a long mailing list divided into several semantic blocks. Each block has its own button so that the subscriber is not lost and performs the required target action. Take the most important block to the beginning.

Structure the body of a message.

The brain is so arranged that it is looking for the easiest way. The “sheet” of text is a big task, you don’t want to take it. The text, broken down into sections and paragraphs, is a lot of small tasks that are subconsciously easier to approach.

How to make sure that a letter is noticed in the box.

You have written a concise mailing text that solves the reader’s problem – this is already good. Now you need to make the letter attractive from the outside, so that the mailing list will be noticed in the inbox and opened.

The name of the sender. Choose him depending on the style of communication in the mailing list. For official mails, you can write the name of the company in this field; for more informal mails, you can add the name of the employee to the name. If you promote a personal brand, use your name.

Bright topic. After the sender’s name, the view moves on to the topic. If a person is not yet familiar with your content, it is based on the topic that he will decide whether to open this letter or not. Use these tried and tested techniques for the clinging theme:

  • make a difference;
  • add intrigue;
  • use emoji.

Preheader. This element complements the theme. Given that the length of the theme should be limited to 60 characters, in the pre-fader can be placed refining details.

If you don’t prescribe a preheader, it will automatically pull up from the beginning of the message, and it will not always look organic. 

The final advice is to write and read more. Create texts daily, start a personal mailing list or blog, subscribe to strong competitors. Thanks to constant practice, your mailings will bring excellent results.

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