Paul Finebaum Supports Big Ten Football’s Fall Return

Big Ten football has yet to kick off this season due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, there is still some belief that teams could return to the field later this fall.

One of the people supporting the return of the Big Ten is SEC homer Paul Finebaum, who recently discussed why it is important for the conference to begin its season within the next few weeks.

A strong reason Finebaum has for the Big Ten returning to play is being included in the College Football Playoff.

“At this point, it’s hard to know what to believe,” Finebaum said, via 247 Sports. “Common sense will tell you that they’re pretty close to getting back into football. Here’s the interesting thing. If they vote today or tomorrow to not come back, then let’s forever quit talking about the Big Ten. But you have to think they’re moving in that direction. I really don’t know. A lot of people act like they do, but it seems like it’s common sense to come back. We just got through watching a full day of the NFL. College football is not completely there yet because of the Big Ten and the Pac-12 and the SEC, but it looked like it went fairly well. I just don’t know what those 14 presidents could possibly be thinking other than ‘let’s give it a shot.’

“For those wondering ‘what’s the rush at this point’ The rush is to get into the College Football Playoff. If you’re not back by the middle of October, you’re not going to be a part of it. Even then, you’re on the bubble.”

With the amount of money programs can generate from a playoff run, it is easy to see why schools should be looking to get back on the field.

And with the season already in full swing, time is running out.

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