What to Expect from Gambling in 2020?

You never know what to expect from gambling. The virtual gambling market is developing at a tremendous pace. In 2020, it becomes even more interesting and offers users a lot of innovations and revolutionary solutions. Among them are the development of mobile gambling, the introduction of new gaming (visual) technologies, and other interesting innovations.

Mobile Gambling 2020 – What Form Will It Take?

For several years in a row, mobile gambling has been developing very actively. Many gambling establishments are moving to gamblers’ smartphones and tablets. Becoming available on mobile while retaining all functionality and access to games, the best online casino in Canada can significantly expand their customer base and get their audience diversified. However, far from every casino will enjoy massive customer growth. To make it happen, the establishment should stick to strict industry standards:

  • Be licensed;
  • Use powerful gaming software;
  • Offer varied gaming products;
  • Reward players with bonuses regularly;
  • Provide absolute security;
  • Guarantee a fair game.

Only in this case, a mobile casino is doomed to success. Still, it is important to keep in mind that over the past five years, the share of gamblers who switched to smartphones amounted to about 36%. But this indicator does not stop. Experts predict that in 2020-2021, more than half of the players will discover mobile gambling.


Many gambling establishments claim that they are going to switch to cryptocurrency this year. This is not just a tribute to something new but also an opportunity to increase the trust of players, to secure and protect their funds. When using blockchain in a casino, calculations can be made as transparent as possible. In other words, it becomes impossible to hack a casino, which increases the security of players’ data.

Using cryptocurrency, casinos guarantee players the safety of personal information since they do not need to provide personal data to make a deposit. Withdrawal of cryptocurrency is carried out with little or no commission. All transactions are anonymous.

New Technologies in Online Casinos

In 2020, players are offered a lot of interesting chips that can be implemented in gambling establishments. First of all, these are slot machines of a new format, with a variety of bonuses, additional games, and interesting stories.

Virtual reality technology is being actively introduced, with the help of which the player can fully immerse himself in the gameplay process. Taking into account all the features of a new solution, it is no wonder that online casinos use VR so that the user can feel the realism of what is happening on the screen.

In 2020-2021, we can also expect the introduction of an artificial intelligence system into casino operations. It is necessary to track and combat fraudsters, gambling addiction, and other violations. And all these become possible with AR.

Ready for New Emotions and Experience?

As you can see, the online gambling industry may change. in the nearest future. Casinos are actively introducing new technologies and offering players interesting entertainment options. An average gaming operator has already expanded its range of new slot machines that you can try right now by visiting its gaming hall. So check what’s on offer today.


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