10 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do From The Couch

Dear couch lovers, we know that you don’t want to move a muscle away from comfort. You communicate, shop, hold meetings, and even snooze on that cozy couch. Now your wedding is at hand, and you’re thinking, can I have it arranged from right here? Yes, you can plan an amazing wedding at home, and from the couch!

We know you’re wondering, how can I decorate my wedding sitting here? You can do that and more. From the couch, you can print at home wedding invitations, set up wedding websites, registry, and more. To set your wedding planning ball rolling, check out some couch friendly home wedding ideas.

Create your guest list

Creating your guest list is one of the most important and sensitive wedding tasks. And you can do this job from the comfort of your couch. All you need is a journal (whether manual or e-version) and your partner. Bring up suggestions between the both of you. There’ll be a lot of shedding until you have your final guest’s line up. You and your partner can set up Skype meetings with the parents if you want their input.

Order wedding subscription boxes

Planning your wedding from the couch means that you’re responsible for almost everything. This can be truly overwhelming and stressful! For this reason, getting a bride box subscription must be top of your at-home wedding checklist. The best wedding subscription boxes are worth every dime spent on them. 

The bride to be box contains elements that guide you through wedding planning from engagement to honeymoon. For instance, most bridal boxes contain wedding planning planners and tips necessary for each wedding stage. You’ll also find wedding beauty essentials to help with the wedding glow for your upcoming nuptials. You’ll find many other items that make the process a breeze to you. 

All of these, you’ll get at an affordable price without leaving your couch. Just place your order and have the boxes delivered to your doorstep.

Establish a wedding budget

Establishing a budget is arguably the most important aspect of wedding planning. Every other thing banks on the budget you set. The good news is that you can handle this wedding task from your home. Browse and download wedding planning apps that suit your needs. The next step is to get together with your partner and other contributors. You can do this by holding a Zoom meeting or conference calls. Better yet, they can come over to yours. Decide on how much everyone is willing to spend and allocate your finances from there. 

Set up a wedding registry

An effective task that you can do from the home is setting up your wedding registry. Decide with your partner the things you want for home and create a personal list. The next step is to browse stores and websites online and open a registry. Start ticking and adding everything you need to your list.

Launch your wedding website

When wedding planning gets in full swing, you’ll need to keep everyone updated. Launching a wedding website helps you do that effectively. Right from your couch, browse platforms where you can host wedding websites. Choose sites where you can host for free or a token. This will do you a world of good as you can upload dates, venues, registry, pictures, and more.

Invent your wedding inspiration board

With some iced cocktail and your feet folded underneath you duvet, invent an inspiration board. Take a trip around the world through the Internet and look at creative wedding ideas. Move from photo websites to Instagram, wedding blogs, and magazines for trendy wedding inspiration. From attire to decor, themes, food, hair, makeup, venues, and more, the possibilities are endless. Make your best options and create a wedding inspiration board on Pinterest.

Curate your wedding playlist

Get together with your boo and curate your wedding playlist. This is a fun task that can set a romantic ambiance even before the wedding. Choose songs for every stage, from ceremony to last dance. Agree on every music, and enjoy while at it. Let the music seep into your souls even as you look forward to forever.

Write your vows

Writing your vows is one task that you shouldn’t stall. Leaving it till the last minute will produce bland vows. So it’s advisable to get together with your partner and write your vows early enough. However, you don’t have to show each other what you wrote. You can both choose a tone or theme to ensure that you’re on the same page. Then sit back, write, edit, and keep safe.

Assemble your wedding vendors

You don’t feel like going on a physical vendor scout? That’s okay because you can do this from the couch. Go online and read reviews of your preferred vendors while chewing some Pringles. Take all your time, there’s no rush. When you’re satisfied with the reviews, contact them, and schedule Zoom interviews. Before you know it, you’ve assembled a team that shares your wedding vision.

Take on DIY wedding projects

DIY wedding projects are the best ways to personalize your wedding. Start off from the couch by turning your inspiration into reality. Order all the materials you need on platforms like Etsy and have them delivered to your doorstep. Start with simple projects like tote bags, wedding favors, bouquets, hand monogrammed napkins, and more.

Technology makes it easy to plan a wedding at home. And with these outlined wedding tasks, you’ll see that you don’t need to leave your couch.

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