Five Ways to Be Green this Summer

We all care about the Earth. Or at least we should, since it’s the only planet we’ve got. Staying green can be hard though. It can take extra time, it’s difficult and it usually involves getting down and dirty. But with these tips, you can spend your summer becoming an Earth-loving pro!

1. Ride your bike instead of driving

This one is a little obvious, since everyone knows that gas isn’t good for the environment. But there are tons of benefits to riding your bike! You can take in fresh air and you get an amazing workout out of it! You can bike with your friends too! It’s nice to go out with friends and see the world in a different way, and Mother Nature will thank you for it.

2. Don’t drink bottled water

Water is necessary for survival, and if you’re gonna be biking places you’re gonna need plenty of it. But it’s better to skip the bottled water and instead get a reusable bottle for everyday. This is because disposable water bottles usually wind up in landfills or in the ocean. So it’s best to fill up the same water bottle so you won’t have to throw it away! You’re gonna want to buy a reusable water bottle instead of filling up the same plastic bottle though. They tend to collect tons of bacteria.

3. Start a compost bin

Especially if you garden, making a compost bin is a must. Compost bins have been a growing trend in America, and it’s easy to see why! They give you a chance to reuse the things that you would normally throw away, and if you have a garden then starting a compost bin will even save you money! If you don’t know where to start, they’re really easy to make!

4. Don’t throw out your cell phone

After a few years of use, you might decide it’s time to get a new phone. But the age-old question of what to do with your old phone now presents a problem. You might consider just throwing it out, but you really don’t want to do that. Cell phones and other e-waste can release mercury. This is becoming a growing problem for the Earth and is really doing a number on the environment. Instead, it is recommended that you donate your phone, or recycle is responsibly.

5. Switch to canvas bags when shopping

Some places have the plastic tax. This means that if you go to the supermarket without canvas bags, you must pay more to use the plastic bags. So, by switching to canvas bags you can not only prevent the ocean and landfills from being filled with garbage, but you can also save money! Who said going green meant you had to go broke?

┬áThe summer is a great time to switch up your habits and help to keep our Earth safe. These little changes in your lifestyle can help to cut back massive amounts of pollution a year, and they’re not too difficult! So go on, give it a try!

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