BudMail and Weedsmart: Can Weedsmart Be a Budmail Alternative?

After the full legalization of cannabis in Canada since October 2019, several things have changed. This decision of the government will assuredly benefit the economy of the country and the use of the synthetic drug will diminish. Other than for recreational purposes, cannabis has also been used to treat many health problems. The legalization will surely lead to more open studies on the effects and the benefits of this hemp plant but it has certainly boosted the online weed market by killing the underground illegal black market of marijuana.

Since the legalization, hundreds of online weed shops or online dispensaries are now available for eligible users. Such sites have to perform according to the law implied by the government. In this competitive market, Weedsmart has become very popular in the last two years. It has a large selection product along with a large community of over 50,000 consumers nationwide. But there also some other popular sites like Gekush and BudMail which are also winning hearts of people by offering seamless services.

Here, we are going to compare Weedsmart and BudMail and discuss which site can be the better choice for you.

Weedsmart VS BudMail: Common Things

It is obvious that both online dispensaries have the same target audience and similar products have to offer. But the service of doing the business can differ. So, first, we shall discuss the similarities between Weedsmart and Budmail.

The community of Customers – Weedsmart and BudMail, both have a really huge community of thousands of customers. So, it shows that many users trust these online dispensaries and they have found it amazing.

Selection of Products – When you visit both sites, you notice all the cannabis products. CBD oils, edibles, cannabis strains, vaping, flower, concentrates, and many more can be bought from both these online shops.

Affordable Pricing and Frequent Deals & Promotions – The products available at these online dispensaries are in large varieties and they also come at inexpensive. They cost slightly lower than the market rates.

Plus, frequent promotions and deals bring a more exciting discount on the price of the products. These offers should really not be missed when you want cannabis products in large quantities.

Educational News – Enlightening the old customers, as well as new buyers, is essential and that is why Weedsmart and BudMail maintain a news forum on their website to give latest updates about the cannabis world as well as the usage guide of the products.

Free Gifts and Free Shipping – Weedsmart offers some exciting free gifts at every purchase made above $99 and it makes also an order eligible for free express delivery. Budmail offers first gram free on the first order of a new user if the order is more than $100. Every order more than $200 is delivered for free on Budmail.

Mix & Match Option – This offering of Weedsmart is really enticing and most of the other sites don’t have this option but Budmail has it. So, users can try the number of cannabis strains on a particular order.

Weedsmart VS BudMail: Points of Differences

Shipping Cost – As we said Weedsmart doesn’t charge you anything if your order is more than $99 but at BudMail, it has to be more than $200. This is really a lot for a new buyer who wants to test the new online dispensary. So, weedsmart has one more point here.

High-Quality Standards & Testing – Both sites provide high-quality products here but at weedsmart, all the cannabis products are tested by some reliable and government approved labs. There is no quality seat BudMail.

Strains Offered – Weedsmart is popular among Canadian pot lovers for offering 100 cannabis strains so, buyers can a very wide choice for selection. Budmail has nearly 15 strains which are very lower compared to Weedsmart.

Ounce Prices – Budmail provides weed at the price range between $175 to $250 per ounce which is very fair compare to other competitors. Here, budget buds are available $175/an ounce and AAAA weed cost $250.

On the other hand, weedsmart offers budget buds at $139 per ounce and the price of AAAA weed is similar to BudMail. But still, we can notice the difference of $35 here.


Both sites have some amazing things to offer but it clearly shows that weedsmart has more advantages over BudMail. We can say that Weedsmart is not only the better BudMail alternative but one of the best online dispensaries in Canada. Shipping cost and strain quantity really make a big difference. We still recommend to check both sites and compare things as we mentioned here and make your choice carefully.

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