Will the Buccaneers Reign Supreme?

Let’s talk American football. Let’s talk about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who evidently find themselves in a good spot with the 2020 NFL eason.Apple-converted-space”>  The highlight of their training camps was sealing deals with the likes of Tom Brandy who is a 6 time Super Bowl royalty, along with tight end Rob Gronkowksi. With Brady signing on the dotted lines, the Buccaneers have jumped from underdog position to Super Bowl contenders. Their training camp has been a successful one, will they be able to translate that when the actual games happen?

The Buccaneers are currently the talk of the town, or shall we say the talk of the NFL.  And we are not just talking Brady here, it is a rollover to the whole team setting. Brandy’s offence is a powerhouse, but Tampa’s highlight is defence and is also a talking point for the season. Overall, many people are talking about the Bucs, and the underlying tone is that the team will be having a successful run.

Question is, are you a Buccaneers fan or are you a Patriots fan? You might be a Patriots fan and still dreading the fact that Brandy has left the team for good. Will you stay true to the New England’s team, or will you follow Brandy to his new home ground? Just a small tip from us, before placing your bets, it is always advisable to have a solid staking plan with a proper NFL betting strategy.

Tom Brady wins MVP honors

Many people have been very critical of Tom Brandy and his last year stint with the Patriots.  The claim is that the magic was just not there during 2019. To be fair, the athlete was always a pillar for American football and whatever his performance was, he will always be a pillar for the Patriots. Still his last year % was the lowest it had ever been since 2013 and his passer rating stood at 88. But is he the one to blame here?  Isn’t American football a team effort after all?  The Patriots had suffered a good amount of injuries unfortunately along with a lack of offensive lines.  So, let’s cut Brady some slack shall we, before we all say that Brady lost his football magic?

We beg to differ being a Tier 3 player, in fact we feel that he will be the best player of the actual NFL for 2020. Actually, we predict that he will take away the MVP title hme, even though this year Brandy will hit the 40 mark. They do say that life begins at forty after all, and most probably Brandy will be the 1st NFL athlete to take the title home at 40.

Brandy had some of the best athletes around him all throughout his career. During his tenure at the Patriots, he always had some of the best offence, and now that he is set to join Tampa, the team will be graced with one of the greatest paradigms in US Football, that of an athlete that is a true example of what a quarterback should be.

If we had to look at other notable players, we cannot not mention the likes of Mike Evans or Chris Godwin. Find us better one-two punch at receiving at the overall NFL. Probability is they are indeed the best.  And then there is Rob Gronkowksi, O.J Howard and even Cameron Brate, who always deliver in a big way. We can also discuss the backfield, where players suc as Ronals Jones II, Le Sean McCoy and newcomer Ke’Shawn Vaughn rule the pitch.  All of these players will effectively team up around Brandy and offer a solid offensive and team strength.

The result we predict? Well, we are quite sure that Brady with bring the Bucs some of the best wins they ever got.  With Bruce Arians skills added to the mix with 12 players and two tight ends, the rest will be one for the books. This is the ideal combination that Brady could ever find. A team that is built around his strengths will give him a Peyton Manning MVP 2013 Denver Broncos season. Manning was 37 during that season, Brady was born  in 1977, that means he is entering this NFL season hitting the 43 year mark.

Defense ranks top-three in points allowed

Was the Buccaneers defense as good at one would have expected during 2019?  You will get different answers by different individuals to this question. The secondary players did not have a great season and this has resulted in the third most passing yards in the NFL league for 2019. The run defence was massive and this translated into debatable results.  If we look at the Tampa based team, their defense was supreme and saw  rank at high position at the DVOA position. According to the Football Outsiders, good rankings were achieved by the team.

Tampa’s biggest challenge during the 2019 season was making sure that other league teams stay out of the end zone. One of the worst bits was the being the fourth worst defence in the overall league. That hit home hard, especially with Jameis Winston pick sixes. However even if we keep that out of the overall picture, you will still see Tampa being placed at the tight end of the league. The predictions are that the Buccaneers will see a Super Bowl stint, however prior to that, they need to clean up the house in a major way, and see some solid improvements. They are positive that they managed to keep powerhouses such as Jason Pierre- Paul, Shaq Barreet and Ndamukong Suh. This combo will see the Bucs having a strong pass for the season. It is not secret that the likes of Jamel Dean, Sean Murphy -Bunting and Carlton Davis will all need to step it up during the 2020 season.

Will Brady’s presence have a positive outcome for the Buc’s defense?   He has always played as a quarterback and that leaves him at the very opposite end of the pitch. With regards to Tampa’s defense along with some players who have evolved with their game, this will hopefully see Tampa in a better position this time around. We guess the best is yet to come.

Buccaneers win Super Bowl LV in Tampa

Tampa Bay is set to be home to the Super Bowl LV this coming February, and wit Brandy taking centre stage, the Buccaneers could be serious contenders. If we had to look back at the Super Bowl’s history, no team has ever won the title at home grounds. Will this be a first for the Buccaneers along with pumping Brady with a seven ring at his NFL career, outside of the Patriots home turf New England?

Whilst staying positive and healthy in the midst of an ever growing pandemic, the Bucs have one of the strongest teams around this season. Their presence is being felt both at conference level and well into the season’s playoffs. High probability lies in the fact that this season could see the Bucs crowned kings at their own turf at the Raymond James Stadium. And ultimately, this win would be the second Super Bowl win, something they dreamt about since being named winners in 2003.

With Brady’s experience in January and February, I see this all resulting in the club’s second Super Bowl title in franchise history and first since 2003. And they get to do it at Raymond James Stadium! 

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