How to Write a Good Dissertation: Step-by-Step Guide

A dissertation is a research work required to obtain a Ph.D. / doctoral degree. It must be admitted that writing a thesis is much more difficult than a term paper and even more difficult than a regular research paper. That is why we decided to help you in this difficult matter and have compiled a step-by-step guide to writing a dissertation. With this guide, writing a dissertation will become much easier and more enjoyable. Read on!

Step One. Define Goals

The correct formulation of the purpose of the work contributes to the rapid writing of the first chapter of the dissertation and accelerates the progress of the necessary research.

Goal setting criteria:

  1. It is forbidden to set several goals, it should be one for all scientific work;
  2. Its content repeats or supplements the title of the thesis;
  3. The structure of the goal statement – the topic of scientific work and the verb of action (example – to formulate, present, etc.);
  4. The topic and purpose of the work are interrelated since they combine the results of solving the problem with the problem itself.

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Step Two. Choose a Good Supervisor

When deciding how to write a doctoral dissertation or research for the status of a candidate of sciences, the most difficult thing is to decide on the choice of a dissertation council or research supervisor. These persons largely determine the course of writing the work. They can coordinate the vector and provide real consulting assistance, or, conversely, knock down enthusiasm with endless unreasonable modifications.

Consider the advice! Famous teachers aren’t always the best mentors. A busy schedule, constant travel, information overload, and, in some cases, excessive arrogance do not allow the professors to devote enough time to their wards.

Don’t forget about the personality factor. The best option is neutral relations. The parties should have at least respect for each other and a desire to communicate at work. Without an established dialogue with the scientific advisor, it will be quite difficult to independently master how to write a candidate dissertation.

The dissertation is accepted for defense only on the basis of the specialty passport. Without this point, the dissertation council will have virtually nothing to study.

Step Three. Determine the Relevance of the Topic

After choosing an object/subject, you have to reasonably consider the relevance of the issues raised. For this, the timeliness of future experiments is assessed, as well as the need to find solutions to existing problems.

Step Four. Choose a Really Interesting Topic

Any dissertation is an investment of some intellectual and physical resources. Never waste time on ‘narrow’ topics that are inconsequential to anybody. You can’t waste time on a topic that will get obsolete before you have the opportunity to defend it; you waste time on a thesis that will go to the shelf and be forgotten in a half year. Always try to find the right balance of work value and effort.

Any dissertation is an investment of effort. Somehow one of my co-authors decided to do a job on car sales, he was commissioned by an association of car dealers. He worked on this topic for some time, analyzed sales, built a regression model, and before handing it over to the customer, he told me what he had done. I told him that everything is going well, but the macro factors that affect the economy as a whole are not taken into account. Therefore, if now something “sways” in the system, everything can change.

Step Five. Write Down all Sources you Use

When studying for an academic degree, the importance of carefully considering your sources and references when preparing assignments is considered. For your dissertation or thesis, the reference list is very significant. lf you don’t do this appropriately along the way, you will discover at long last that you have a practically unimaginable assignment of identifying your sources and links. All colleges have programming on their PC arrange for you to manage links, so use it. Learn how to use this before getting into literature review and writing, and then use it carefully – when you finish your dissertation, you will be very grateful for it.

Summing up

Before writing a thesis yourself and quickly, you need to clearly define for yourself why you need it, what goals you are pursuing. The work will not cause difficulties if you devote time to it every day, act consistently, in accordance with the drawn up plan. There is no need to set super-tasks, make excessive efforts, otherwise, you can quickly fizzle out, lose interest in research. Follow our guide and you will succeed.


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