The Ultimate Arcade Machine Is Coming To Your Home

The MVSX is an arcade machine that contains 50 classic games for the Neo Geo. The machine is designed to fit in your home and play comfortably in your living room. Fighting games, shooter games, sports games; the MVSX has it all. 

The MVSX is essentially an arcade port of 50 different Neo Geo games. If you don’t already know, the Neo Geo was a video game system from the ’90s that could be purchased as either an arcade machine or a home console. The system was famous for its fighting, racing and shooter games. While not as popular in North America it was a smash hit in Japan and Europe. American gamers now recognize the Neo Geo for its historic significance and quality games. The MVSX features all the best Neo Geo games including King Of Fighters, Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown, Super Sidekicks and more. The base tabletop version starts at $399.99 and the full stand-up arcade version costs an extra $150. This may seem expensive but it’s actually a great deal for an arcade machine. Some machines can cost up to $1000 and those usually only feature one game! If you’re looking for a great arcade machine with tons of classic games then the Neo Geo MVSX is perfect for you.

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