Make Your Post-Graduation Checklist

If a college or graduate diploma is in your near future, your schedule is probably full of job search tasks. While finding suitable employment is at the top of most everyone’s list around graduation time, don’t forget some of life’s other essential details. What are they? Well, they include more mundane chores like finding living space, deciding how to proceed with an ongoing relationship, picking a city for your first job, and more. Here’s a brief look at four things most grads-to-be find themselves immersed in.

Resume Perfection

Spend the time and money to get your resume into perfect shape. You won’t have to break the bank to hire a professional who specializes in helping new grads get their one page calling card sharpened up. Ask your school’s placement office for contacts. Most job counselors on university payrolls can point you to competent resume writers who know your major field of study well. The goal is to get a crafted document that highlights our experience and education and speaks directly to employers in your preferred niche.

Affairs of the Heart

Don’t neglect personal matters. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship during your college or master’s degree years, make a decision about how you want to continue or not continue. It’s always better to deal with this challenge before school ends rather than allow indecision and emotional uncertainty hover over your new life. Be ready to deal fairly but firmly with partners who might not agree with your preferences, and either make a clean break or decide to continue the relationship. For some, this is the first adult decision they’ll make.


Those first few months after school ends are the beginning of your life as an independent adult. Don’t let routine but essential things like healthcare, fitness, and social connections fall through the cracks. It’s all too easy to become ensconced in work-related duties and forget to attend to your social and health needs. It’s often helpful to join a local gym or league sports team to meet new friends and make valuable connections. For starters, find a local doctor and dentist. If you need a medical marijuana card, you can apply for one online in most places. NuggMD is a good place to begin. For example, residents of cities like Mount Vernon, New York, can obtain a card by filling out a short online document. Locating a good doctor and dental practice take more time but are worth the effort. Ask coworkers and friends for recommendations.

Living Quarters

Even if you’ll be moving to a far-away destination, do as much research as possible on apartments, rental properties, and temporary housing options as you can. Take virtual tours and speak with relocation agents about services that might be suited for your situation. Don’t wait until the last minute to go apartment hunting in your new town. A bit of forward thinking on this task can save you hundreds of dollars and countless headaches. If you have to move to another country for your first professional position, speak with your employer about assistance finding a place to live.

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