Ninjas & Bubble Tea: The New Emojis For iOS 14

On July 16, Apple revealed the newest emojis coming to iOS 14. These include a ninja, bubble tea and many more.

Here’s the full list of the new emojis (left to right): Dodo bird, nesting doll, pinata, tamale, pinched fingers, boomerang, ninja, coin, anatomical heart, beaver, transgender symbol, bubble tea and lungs.

Apple also confirmed the appearance of even more new emojis later this year. Some of these include smiling face with tear, disguised face and people hugging. Pictures of these emojis have yet to be released.

Apple also revealed another emoji-related development; they’re adding colored face-mask options to the Animoji character creator. These new face masks come in a wide variety of colors. There will also be several different kinds of masks to choose from to give the user optimal customization. The image below shows off green, white and purple face masks for the Animoji characters.

A release date for these new emoji-related updates is still yet to be announced. However, Engadget JapaneseΒ reported that the new emojis and Animoji face masks would appear on iOS 14. Apple stated that iOS 14 was going to be released Fall 2020. Macworld estimates that the new iOS will release between the dates of September 14 and 18 based on previous years.

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