Has Coronavirus Made Gyms Obsolete? Most Americans Think So

Will going to the gym be a thing of the past once we move on from the coronavirus pandemic? As cases of COVID-19 spiked across the country and forced lockdowns, Americans had to get creative if they wanted to keep up with their fitness routines.

That has led to some people being innovative with their home workouts, while others have just become more efficient and non-reliant on the high-tech equipment that a gym would offer.

And, according to a recent survey from the fitness and lifestyle app Freeletics, most Americans think that gyms will be something no longer viewed as necessary. After all, why pay for a membership when you can keep your fitness routine going from the comfort of your own home?

“COVID-19 has changed the way that people live and move. In this new normal of working from home, it is more important than ever to actively seek out exercise,” said Dr. Peter Just, Team Lead Coach Experience at Freeletics, via the New York Post. “By finding and sticking to an at-home fitness routine structured around everyday working life, people can reap an overwhelming amount of mental and physical health benefits.

“Additionally, these at-home fitness options offer more flexibility than stationary gyms and remove barriers that people once had like commuting time, financial strain and experience level.”


From the data:

Surprisingly, results showed Americans exercised on average 25 percent more often during quarantine than before.

Nearly seven in 10 Americans believe they don’t need a gym to keep up with their fitness and over half said they now feel so confident in their ability to stay fit at home that they plan to cancel their gym membership altogether.

So, what says you? Do you think that gyms will become a business that falls to the wayside or will people return once they are viewed as safer with coronavirus under control? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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