WATCH: Legendary Man Saves Drowning Bald Eagle on Fourth of July

Brett Bacon, take a bow. Bacon was enjoying a trip on Fourth of July weekend in British Columbia, Canada. Because of his actions, Bacon can now be an honorary American.

Bacon says that he saw a bird struggling on the water when he realized it was a young bald eagle. Bacon got his boat close enough to the bird that he was able to pull it from the water and into his boat to save it from drowning.

After the rescue, Bacon sat with the bird while it dried off before flying away.

The entire time Bacon was making his rescue, his baby boy was there watching. That kid is going to grow up one day and tell all of his friends about the day his dad saved an eagle, and he will have the proof to back it up.

According to Bacon, he rescued the bird to show his son that he is “cool.” Bacon shared a message on social media along with a video of the rescue that read, “Happy 4th of July. Saved a baby eagle from drowning in the middle of the lake. Had to prove to my son I’m cool.”

What a legend.

Check out the heroic efforts from Mr. Bacon and his crew below.

Bacon may be Canadian, but this is as American as it gets.

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