The Best Student Discounts Of 2020: 11 Best Deals

College is an important place for young adults to learn, socialize and prepare themselves for the real world. If only it wasn’t so expensive! If you’re the college kid who’s eating ramen for every meal and digging through the couch for spare change, this list is for you. We’ve gathered a list of student discounts that will save you a fortune for the upcoming semester. So before you head back to school in the fall, take a look at the top student discounts of 2020.




Amazon offers a special version of their Prime service called Prime Student. The discount offers the full Amazon Prime experience for $6.50 a month or $60 a year. You also get a 6-month free trial as a bonus. You get access to all the same perks as Prime: free two-day shipping, same-day delivery and Prime Video streaming.

Prime Student


Apple is offering new deals to college students this year. Right now, students can get free AirPods with the purchase of select iPads and Macs. You can also get a new MacBook Air starting at $899, which is $100 cheaper than the usual price.

Apple’s Back-To-School Deals


Microsoft offers 10 percent off all their gadgets and devices to students, including the Surface Go 2 and Surface Headphones 2. They’re also selling Windows PCs at discounted prices.

Microsoft’s Back-To-School Promos


If you’re unaware, Shipt is a service similar to DoorDash but for groceries and essentials. Shipt is offering a 50 percent discount on their annual fee. It costs $50 and you get the first two weeks free. Shipt is still a growing company, so make sure that they offer services in your area before buying.

Shipt Student Plan




YouTube’s student plan gives 50 percent off YouTube Premium for students. That means you pay only $7 a month for ad-free videos, video downloads, background streaming and YouTube Music.

YouTube Premium Student


Spotify Premium’s student plan is only $5 a month. That means you get unlimited ad-free access to Spotify’s entire library at a fraction of the cost. The plan also includes access to Hulu with ads and Showtime without ads.

Spotify Premium Student

Apple Music

Spotify’s biggest competitor is also dropping its student price to $5 a month. The plan also includes a free Apple TV+ subscription. Spotify’s student plan is no doubt a better deal in terms of streaming, but if you prefer Apple Music‘s library and layout, check out their student plan.

Apple Music Student Membership


If homework and exams are stressing you to your limit, Headspace is the perfect relaxation app. The service features a large library of mediation lessons, soothing soundscapes and relaxing podcasts. Headspace offers students just $10 a year for unlimited access.

Headspace Student Plan



Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an essential service for college students, especially if your school doesn’t provide you with a free account. Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are all basic programs needed to survive college. However, Microsoft 365 is now offering a student deal that’s completely free of charge! This is a great deal when you consider that a regular annual subscription costs $100.

Microsoft 365 for Students

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you’re studying anything related to digital art or design, Adobe Creative Cloud is for you. Adobe CC is usually expensive at $53 a month, but the student discount is a lot cheaper. Students can get full access to Adobe CC for $20 a month.

Adobe CC for Students


Squarespace is a great website builder that’s perfect for starting your portfolio. It’s easy to use and super customizable. Their student plan costs $72 for the whole year, which is a big discount from their usual $144 a year.

Squarespace for Students

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