WATCH: New Super Smash Bros. Character Trailer Reveal

On Monday June 22, Nintendo held a virtual presentation that provided details about the brand-new character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The presentation was hosted by game director Masahiro Sakurai and premiered at 10 A.M. EST. The online event included a cinematic trailer for the new DLC character from Nintendo’s Arms series.

Earlier this year Sakurai announced that an Arms character would be coming to Smash Bros., leaving fans wondering which character it would be. Min Min is now confirmed as said character making their Smash Bros. debut. She’s a Chinese martial artist who fights to promote her family’s ramen business. This reveal may shock fans who expected a more popular Arms character. Spring Man, Ribbon Girl and Twintelle were some of the more obvious guesses.

Besides the cinematic trailer, Nintendo’s presentation went in-depth about Min Min’s move set and play style. Sakurai himself pulled out a controller and showed the viewers what playing as her will be like. The character uses her stretchy arms and fiery martial arts to deal out lots of damage. She’s another boxer character like Little Mac, but her arms give her more range and her kicks shoot out at blinding speeds. Nintendo stated that this presentation would feature no further character hints or reveals.

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