Andrew Cuomo Warns of Second Coronavirus Wave as States Reopen

States across the country are beginning to reopen amid the coronavirus outbreak and there has been an alarming amount of new cases in states that are rolling back their preventative measures like social distancing and quarantining.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is watching his state slowly reopen after being the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, is warning that a second wave could be coming as people begin to attempt to resume their “normal” everyday lives.

“There were voices that always wanted to minimize it: ‘This is just the flu.’ ‘It’s going to pass.’” Cuomo said. “And then there was a desire to reopen, reopen, reopen. And you know where we are now? Dow Jones tumbles again, fear of second wave. That’s what happens when you reopen and you don’t do it intelligently, you do it politically.

“This was a national crisis. The federal government should step in aggressively and ‘own it.’ In my state, I owned the situation.”

Currently, there are more than 212,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state of New York with more than 17,500 deaths.

The coronavirus mainly comes from animals and a majority of those who were infected early either worked at or frequently visited the Huanan seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, according to The Guardian. The virus is similar to Severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) and Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (Mers).

The Wuhan coronavirus is transmitted from person to person through “droplet transmission.” That means an infected person can pass the virus by sneezing or coughing on another person as well as by direct contact.

While a majority of the cases have been detected in the United States and China — with more than 117,000 deaths in the United States — it has now reached many countries around the world. It has also been confirmed in Italy, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and many other eastern countries.

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