Top 5 Films Coming in Summer 2020

After the stressful year we’ve had so far, we could all use a day at the movies. With a lot of this Summer’s films being pushed back to later in the future, there aren’t a lot being released this season. Nevertheless, here is the list for the Top 5 films coming in the Summer of 2020.

5.  The New Mutants-August 28, 2020

Similar to Brightburn, this film explores horror in the superhero genre. This X-Men spinoff follows five mutants trapped in a secret facility as they struggle to control their powers and escape captivity. While its release was moved to later this year, this film was already two years overdue, as it was initially scheduled for April 2018. After all these years, audiences will finally see what The Fault in Our Stars director, Josh Boone, put to film.

4.  Antebellum-August 21, 2020

Just as the title implies, Antebellum follows a successful author (Janelle Monáe) when she becomes inexplicably trapped in what seems to be the American South during the era of slavery. Similar to Get Out, this film appears to be another social horror that analyzes racism in the U.S. 2020 hasn’t been short on horror films, but Antebellum could rise above them and tell a story as compelling and thought-provoking as The Invisible Man.

3.  Mulan – July 24, 2020

As the latest addition to Disney’s live-action remakes, this film will adapt the story of Mulan for modern audiences. While Disney made an enormous profit with their remake The Lion King, it failed to capture the magic of the original. But with a female director and an all-star Chinese cast, this film should prove to be a unique spin on an old classic.

2.  Wonder Woman 1984 – August 14, 2020

We could use a new superhero film right about now. This sequel to the wildly successful Wonder Woman will take audiences back to the 80s as the titular hero (Gal Gadot) reunites with her lost love, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), after his apparent demise in the first film. She will also encounter class villains Cheetah (Kirsten Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). Along with a nostalgic 80s atmosphere, director Patty Jenkins promises to deliver another heartfelt, action-packed adventure in the DCEU.

1.  TENET – July 17, 2020

This film will officially reopen the film industry. Christopher Nolan’s latest project hints at another mind-bending spy thriller akin to his classic movie, Inception. Almost nothing is known about what this film is about, except that it includes time inversion, men running up buildings, and an actual airplane crashing into an airport. Topped off with a stellar cast of actors, TENET should be a much-welcomed return to cinemas after this horrible pandemic.

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