WATCH: Celebrities Get Roasted For Cringe-Worthy Black Lives Matter PSA

A group of Hollywood celebrities came together to participate in a new “I Take Responsibility” public service announcement in partnership with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Among the celebrities involved were Aaron Paul, Kristen Bell, Debra Messing, Sarah Paulson, Julianne Moore, Justin Theroux, Stanley Tucci, Mark Duplass, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ilana Glazer, Kesha, Bethany Joy Lenz, Piper Perabo, and others.

The PSA had the celebrities staring directly into the camera as they vowed to take responsibility for “unchecked moments” that may have turned a blind eye to racism or their silence that has allowed racism to continue.

“In order for us as a nation to get to a better place, we’re going to have to adjust how we see each other and engage in open and honest conversations that might be painful at times. The fight for civil rights, and human rights have always required a diverse coalition of partners and allies,” NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson said in a statement, via the Los Angeles Times.

“It is powerful when white people can speak openly about the individual and structural racism and privilege that deny others their full rights. We need everyone to join us on the frontline in the fight for justice and equality.”

You can check out the video and the celebrities’ message below.

“I take responsibility for every unchecked moment, for every time it was easier to ignore than to call it out for what it was. Every not-so-funny joke, every unfair stereotype, every blatant injustice, no matter how big or small. Black people are being slaughtered in the streets, killed in their own homes. These are our brothers and sisters, our friends, our family. We are done watching them die. We are no longer bystanders. We will not be idle. Enough is enough.

“Going for a jog should not be a death sentence. Sleeping in your own home should not be a death sentence. Playing video games with your nephew should not be a death sentence. Shopping in a store should not be a death sentence. Business as usual should not be life-threatening.”

Of course, because this is the internet, the celebrities involved were immediately blasted on social media for their “cringe-worthy” performances.

You can check out some of the reactions below.

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