WATCH: Arby’s Takeout Bags Are Freakishly Strong & No One Knows Why

Arby’s is known to have the meats. But do you know what else they have? The chain restaurant has the strongest paper bags on the fast-food market. One TikTok user, Austin Bennett aka @culinarybb, showed off just how freakishly strong the Arby’s takeout bags are and it is blowing everyone’s mind.

Apparently, Arby’s bags can hold up to 25-pounds of food.

So, to test things out, Austin decided not to fill his bag with some roast beef sandwiches but instead a 20-pound kettlebell. Then, Austin grabbed the bag and raised it from the ground and voila! It held to its 25-pound guarantee and we were left in awe.

Just check out this wizardry:


@arbys why are your bags so strong

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I will never be able to look at Arby’s the same way again. And mad respect to the restaurant for making sure we can load up on our meats without the bag breaking and causing a mess out our feet. Brilliant.

And slowly but surely, the revelation that Arby’s is the king of takeout bags is making its way around the internet.

At the time of this article, more than 530,000 viewers checked out the TikTok video and news of the incredible discovery has spread to Yahoo! and FOX News. It may not be getting Arby’s the same viral attention that Popeye’s received for its chicken sandwich, but we see you, Arby’s, we see you. Not all heroes wear capes.

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