Are YOU Annoying Your Followers?

Picture this: you’re tapping through your social media feed and see something that makes your blood boil. Whether they be political rants, streams of filtered selfies or comments that are just plain mean, certain posts can stop you dead in your scrolling tracks. 

No one wants to be the account behind these annoying posts, but how can you be sure you’re not being irritating? Luckily, a new survey reported which social media behaviors annoy people the most. 

The survey categorized different types of posters, and traced the most annoying posts for each category. For instance, among posters using social media to thicken their wallet, get-rich-quick schemes annoyed about 30% of followers. These posting schemes aren’t only annoying but can sometimes get social media users into serious financial trouble. So, stay away to protect your reputation and your money.

Another huge source of annoyance was trolling. In the category of “doing too much” pests, about 40% of respondents cited trolling as the most annoying behavior. Be sure to be kind if you’re trying to make friends in the virtual sandbox. 

The study also reported that different apps are breeding grounds for different types of annoying behavior. If you are one of the people spending social distancing flipping between different apps, you have to know which type of posts are especially annoying on different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube. 

If you are a Facebook junkie, stay away from political posts, which 10.85% of users surveyed considered to be the most annoying. In fact, avoiding politics is a good play across all platforms. Political posting was also a top annoying behavior on Instagram and Twitter. 

Thinking of posting a mean comment on someone’s Tweet? Better not. Bullying was the second most annoying behavior on Twitter. In fact, bullying was in the top 5 most annoying behaviors across all the apps. Not to mention, cyberbullying can get you into legal trouble. 

Finally, keep it real. Filter use was in the top 3 most annoying Snapchat behaviors, fake news was in the top 4 most annoying behaviors on youtube and fakeness on Instagram made the top 4 most annoying behaviors to respondents. 

To wrap it up, if you want to stay popular with your followers, be kind, be real and remember that you’re not a political commentator or entrepreneur. The only question left is which dances turn off TikTokers

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