FedEx Issues Statement on Claim Workers Were Fired For Filming Racist Customer

FedEx is addressing a viral video that two workers claim led to their firing. A video filmed by one worker showed a tense verbal altercation between a customer and the delivery vehicle’s driver.

The two workers had claimed that they began filming after the customer used a racial slur. The controversy surrounding the video, however, comes from a claim from the workers who said they were fired for filming and sharing the incident.

The customer allegedly called the police and threatened the two FedEx workers.

“We just apologized but he kept escalating the situation then kept saying he would whoop our [sic] black asses,” the employee wrote on Twitter. “After the video the police came and we told our side of the story & the man said to the police, ‘they look like they would’ve broke into my house while my wife is there.’ The white was lying the whole time.

He later added, “Update FedEx called and told me to take down this video and fired both of us Today .. I’m reposting this video because people like him don’t matter white or any race should never disrespect essential workers putting their lives in jeopardy especially with this COVID-19.”

The story drew outrage on social media which led to a response from FedEx.

“We are aware of the incident in GA that led to the release of two drivers employed by a service provider,” the company said in a statement. “We’re offering employment while investigating to ensure an appropriate outcome. We take seriously allegations of discrimination, retaliation, or improper employment actions.”

FedEx also said the two men had been working for an independent service provider, according to Business Insider, but they will now be working directly for FedEx after being offered jobs while the incident is investigated.

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