Historic Michigan Flooding Causes 10,000 People to Evacuate After Dam Failures

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has declared a state of emergency and approximately 10,000 residents have been forced to evacuate after two dam breaches have led to historic flooding in the Midland County region.

The Edenville and Sanford Dams both suffered failure which led to water pouring from the Wixom Lake.

“If you have not evacuated the area, do so now and get somewhere safe,” Governor Whitmer said. “This is unlike anything we’ve seen in Midland County. If you have a family member or loved one who lives in another part of the state, go there now.

“If you don’t, go to one of the shelters that have opened across the county. I want to thank the emergency responders, Michigan National Guard members, and the Michigan State Police on the ground helping residents evacuate. Stay safe, and take care of each other.”

Video has since surfaced online that shows the exact moment the dam was breached.

The two dams were privately owned and considered “high hazard” by the National Inventory of Dams, according to the Associated Press. As water levels continue to rise, Governor Whitmer has a grim warning about what downtown Midland could suffer through. According to Whitmer, downtown Midland could eventually be under nine feet of water as the flooding continues.

We hope that everyone in the area stays healthy and safe during this difficult time.

You can get more information on the flooding from Click on Detroit.

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