Paul Finebaum Shares Latest Prediction For 2020 College Football Season

As we continue to push through the coronavirus pandemic and yearn for live sports, the future of the college football season remains up in the air. On Tuesday, May 19, ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum shared his thoughts on what is next for college football during an appearance on Get Up!

While discussing comments made by West Virginia University President Gordon Gee on Finebaum’s radio show, the SEC commentator shared a promising update on the chances that football returns in the fall.

“What President Gee said is the most significant moment of the push to get college football back,” Finebaum said, as transcribed by 247 Sports. “Because until now, all we’ve heard is, well what if? The feeling was that the whole thing would get shut down like it was back in March. What Gee is saying is we can’t be fearful. I’ve heard that from coaches … it’s extremely important. Yes, you have to have a plan. But the season doesn’t begin for another three months. I think they will have a plan. But the big plan they have to have is ‘what happens if.’ If they can implement that, then I think we’re going to have college football, and we’re going to have it in a big way.”

Of course, whether that proves to be true remains to be seen.

The news comes at a time where states are slowly beginning to reopen and live sports are being allowed in parts of the country without fans. The biggest obstacle for college football, however, is the reopening of campuses and facilities for the athletes.

So while things remain in question for the start of the 2020 college football season, it is promising to know there is some optimism from those who are plugged in.

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