Nostalgia, Anyone? These Are The Shows From the 60s and 70s You Can Stream

If anyone knows something about nostalgia, it’s the 90s kids who are now growing up in an age where some of our favorite “retro” items are coming back into popularity. You know, those butterfly clips and vinyl record players of our childhood? They’re back in stock, and no, not just at Big Lots!. 

At this point, it’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have streaming services readily available, already built in to our televisions. There are some millennials who will remember the glory of having a small TV outfitted with a built-in VHS player in their bedroom. Whatever generation comes after the current crop of mid-twenty-somethings won’t even remember a time when they didn’t have cell phones or laptops. Even though Baby Boomers were the first ones to grow up with television, some of the shows they grew up on are still popular. 

Millennials’ obsession with the revival of vintage and retro items has driven a tidal wave of interest in some of the vintage technology (if you can call a typewriter technology) of older generations. It’s even created a generation (the one after us) that is interested in these things too, because they learn about them from social media or on youtube. From Sonic the Hedgehog and his return to the big screen to SuperNintendo, typewriter-esque bluetooth keyboards to YouTube channels dedicated to “baby boomer favorites”, retro is in. 

If you’re a big fan of any of the aforementioned baby boomer items (just kidding, Dad), then you’re probably going to get a kick out of the TV shows you can watch from the days when TV was young. Or at least, it’s something to watch while you’re stuck at home with your family. 

You can stream these shows from the 60s and 70s on different platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix: 

  • Gilligan’s Island
  • I Love Lucy
  • Dagnet
  • All in the Family
  • Leave it to Beaver
  • Addam’s Family
  • Star Trek
  • Gunsmoke
  • The Twilight Zone
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