Joe Exotic-Inspired Swim Shorts Will Have You Stylin’ & Profilin’ After Quarantine

Joe Exotic turned into the hero we all needed during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. The hit Netflix docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness captured the attention of millions of viewers and developed a cult following with meme after meme surfacing on social media.

The success of Tiger King has led to plenty of Joe Exotic-inspired products and now Chicago-based clothing company Tropical Bros. is getting in on the fun.

The company unveiled some Joe Exotic inspired swim shorts that will have you looking fresh as soon as we storm the beaches when quarantine ends. The brand also has a variety of comfortable Hawaiian shirts, a golf line, and collaborations with Natty Light.

It’s the perfect summer attire for when the beaches open and we are all allowed to return to our regular daily lives.

Check out the Joe Exotic inspired swim shorts below:

And here is a look at the Tropical Bros. x Natty Light collabs.

Tropical Bros.

You can check out the products here.

Tiger King is currently streaming on Netflix and if you haven’t seen it yet now is the time to see what everyone is talking about. And what else are you going to do during the coronavirus lockdown?

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