Joe Buck Is Doing Play By Play For People From His Home

Even though the football doesn’t start until September and the baseball season has been postponed until the pandemic passes over, Joe Buck is still working on his craft somehow. The legendary play by play announcer for Fox is attempting to kill two birds with one stone as he tries to entertain, encourage, and support people all over the world. Buck is using Twitter to practice his play by play skills by asking his followers to send him videos of what they are doing at home. This is also his way of encouraging people to stay at home during this time. Also, he requested that anyone that got a video voiceover and repost from him should donate any amount of money to a cause during the Quarantine. Buck is donating to the St. Louis Community Fund.


This idea started from a simple tweet that a fan sent to Buck to express their anticipation to hear the play by play announcer go to work again. This spurred Buck and Fox to work together to make this pipe dream a reality for many fans that will never get this chance because they are not professional athletes.

Buck started the challenge off by doing a play by play in his own home, describing an interaction between his wife and his son as they were going through a “negotiation”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as fans and followers of Buck will have plenty of content to look forward to in the coming days.

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2 Employees at ESPN Manhattan Office Test Positive For Coronavirus
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