Alex Jones Discusses DWI Arrest; Blames Restaurant For Selling Alcohol

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was in the headlines this week after a DWI arrest in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, March 10. However, when Jones took a breathalyzer test he was under the legal amount in Texas.

Jones tested for a blood-alcohol level was recorded at .076 and .079, according to court records. In Texas, the legal blood alcohol limit is .08 percent.

Of course, he is now sounding off on the incident.

Jones went on a rant during his InfoWars show to discuss the situation where he denied being drunk, hinted that the local police department may be out to get him, and also blamed the restaurant while saying that other restaurants should not be able to sell alcohol to patrons under the current set of laws.

“[The officer] starts having me do this—what do you call them? When you stand on one foot and look a the other for seven seconds,” Jones said, via the Complex. “He shows me what to do, and he can’t do it. I did it, but I was wobbling at 10 seconds. And [the officer] goes, ‘Well, that’s it. You’re going to jail.’ And I said, ‘Man, I just told you I had, hours ago, alcohol … Are you gonna Breathalyze me?’ and he goes, ‘No, we do that at the jail.’

“I’m not saying conspiracy here, not saying the police are at to get me at the local level. But, still, the level they had was below the law … so there you go.”

He later added: “The alcohol limit used to be three times of what it is now … Here’s the thing: Restaurants should not be allowed to sell alcohol if these laws continue. You shouldn’t be able to serve somebody a beer if they drink that 16 ounce beer and walk out, they’re gonna go to jail. So I call for all restaurants and bars to be shut down. Seriously. Because you can’t go in one, have two beers, and then not go to jail. So hey, I’m ready for the mainstream attention.”

Never change, Alex.

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