Super Tuesday II 2020: How Many Delegates Are at Stake?

Just one week removed from Super Tuesday — which completed the turnaround of former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and launched him into the front-runner position — we are ready for Part II.

Super Tuesday II, also known as Big Tuesday or Mega Tuesday by various media outlets, takes place on Tuesday, March 10 with 352 delegates up for grabs among six states.

Biden enters the day leading Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the delegate count and he will be looking to run those numbers up with another big performance. Biden currently has 670 delegates, while Bernie Sanders is nearly 100 points behind with 574. A total of 1,991 delegates are needed to win the Democratic nomination. If that number is not achieved, we will be headed for a contested convention at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from July 13 through July 16.

Among the states voting on Super Tuesday II are Michigan (125 delegates), Washington (89), Missouri (68), Mississippi (36), Idaho (20) and North Dakota (14). Biden currently has a 28-point lead in Michigan, 2-point lead in Washington, and 18.6-point lead in Missouri over Sanders, according to the RealClear Politics average.

Will the polls hold up over the next 24 hours or will Sanders be able to rejuvenate his campaign with an impressive youth turnout when the voters head to the polls?

All of the information you need to hit the ballot box can be seen below.

Super Tuesday II – Which States Are Voting?

Washington¸ USA, March 9, Bernie Sanders Versus Joe Biden Vector Caricature



Delegates at stake: 20
Polls close: 11 p.m. ET. (Polls close locally at 8 p.m.)


Delegates at stake: 125
Polls close: 9 p.m. ET. (Most polls close at 8 p.m. ET)


Delegates at stake: 36
Polls close: 8 p.m. ET


Delegates at stake: 68
Polls close: 8 p.m. ET

North Dakota

Delegates at stake: 14
Polls close: 8 p.m. ET


Delegates at stake: 89
Polls close: 11 p.m. ET

Super Tuesday II 2020: Which States Are Voting?
Super Tuesday II 2020: Which States Are Voting?
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