Disney Recieves Rough Reviews For Artemis Fowl Trailer

Artemis Fowl, the popular fantasy novel, is coming to a theater near you. Disney will attempt to bring Eoin Coffer’s words to life and hopes to have otherworldly success in the box office just like Coffer had with readers everywhere.

The official trailer for Artemis Fowl was released today, giving fans of the novel a first look and plenty of chances to speculate and debate on if the movie will be as good as the book. So far, it looks as if Disney is off to a rough start with fans of the series. Fans are confused as to why it seems that Artemis Fowl is being portrayed as a hero instead of the villain he was in the books. In the books written by Coffer, Artemis Fowl is a young criminal mastermind who was ruthless enough to capture fairies and steal their gold for his own personal reasons. He is more of a complicated villain than the innocent hero it seems Disney is making him out to be.

Typically, trailers whet the viewer’s appetite and give them a good sense of how the movie might go. So its possible Disney has chosen a different route to go with the main characters of the movie in order for it to appeal to bigger audiences. Yet, there are some trailers that do not fully reveal all the twists and turns that the movie hold which could be the case for Artemis Fowl. The trailer shows the elder Artemis Fowl, played by Colin Farrell, train and praise his son on his physical and mental growth so far. His son, Artemis II is played by Ferdia Shaw who is thrust into a new reality when his father has been accused of robbery by the media. Artemis Fowl II is dragged into the situation when he gets a call from an unknown person threatening to destroy “everything you love” if Artemis doesn’t return something his family stole. This introduces Artemis to his father’s hidden profession and purpose, one described as “complicated” and protective of mankind from “dangers of another world.” The young Artemis is spurred on to begin his quest throughout multiple realms in order to save his father and possibly the entire world.


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