PlayStation Plus Free Games: March 2020 Games & Lineup

Every month Sony gives its Playstation plus gamers a reason to rejoice. They select a specific set of games to be free of charge to Playstation Plus members. The beginning of the month comes with the anticipation for what will be made be available. Last month, members were able to play BioShock: The Collection and The Sims 4 on their PS4’s. They were also able to play Firewall Zero Hour for free if they have PSVR. Members have until March 2nd to download this trio of games before a price tag is placed on them again.

Today, two more games were officially revealed as the free games for the month. Shadow of the Colussus and Sonic Forces will be available to download for free as soon as March 3rd.


Shadow of the Colussus

Shadow of the Colussus is an action/adventure game that has been rebirthed for this new generation of gamers. It was originally released as a PS2 game in 2005. It was successfully received by players the first time around and Sony hopes its members enjoy this PS4 version just as much. The game follows Wander, the main character, on his journey as he fights his way through a land littered with monstrous creatures called colossi.


Sonic Forces

This release seems well-timed as the Sonic The Hedgehog has been very successful in the box office. Sony hopes the movie’s success will translate into PS Plus players enjoying Sonic Forces more than they did the first time around. The game follows the blue speedster as he tries to restore a world that is currently in the control of Doctor Eggman. You get to create your own character to help the hedgehog to complete his only mission: to foil the plans of his nemesis, Doctor Eggman.


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