WATCH: News Reporter Accidentally Turns on Facebook Filters During Live Broadcast

Justin Hinton, a news reporter for WLOS ABC 13, had a hilarious moment during a live broadcast while on the scene to report the first heavy snowfall of the year in Asheville, North Carolina.

News reporters often attempt to avoid making bloopers on-air, but Hinton’s is the best kind of blooper you can ask for.

Before going live, the Emmy-winning reporter had accidentally turned on Facebook Live filters and he didn’t realize his face was being altered during his live spot until after it was way too late. WLOS ABC 13 has since uploaded a nearly one-minute video of the incredible moment.

“Wait, Misty, did I have a weird face?” Hinton said as he realized the mistake. “Oh, there are special effects on the phone.”

Check it out:

But don’t worry, Hinton doesn’t seem to be bothered. Instead, he’s taking the viral moment in stride and enjoying the laughter that comes with being involved in such an organic, hilarious moment.

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point of laughter?” Hinton said when he recalled the incident on Facebook. “It still makes me laugh.”

And, hey, if we are really being honest, we think all news broadcasts should be carried out with Facebook Live or Snapchat filters moving forward. If not for anything else, it would at least make the Democratic Presidential Debates a lot more entertaining.

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