Stripper From Viral Fall Video Suffered Broken Jaw, Teeth & Sprained Ankle

Genea Sky has been identified as the stripper who fell from a 15-foot pole while performing. Despite the hard fall, Sky continued her performance and the video has since gone viral on social media.

But it’s not all fun and games.

According to Sky, she suffered a fractured jaw, broken teeth, and a sprained ankle in the accident.

“Yes, I fell off the pole. Yes, I fractured my jaw. NO, I’m not f*cking okay. And there’s absolutely NOTHING funny about this situation. This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone,” she wrote on Twitter. ”I wasn’t f*cked up. I do the same tricks every night. I simply messed up this time around and that was the result. The end.”

Sky has since started a GoFundMe account to raise money for her medical costs. The fundraiser has already received over $30,000 which was more than the $20,000 goal that was originally set. The fundraiser reads:

My friend Genea was in a horrible accident while she was working. She now has a fractured jaw,broken teeth, and a sprained ankle. Her job does not cover the expenses of her medical bills. Since she sustained such serious injuries, she will be out of work for an extended period of time. Any donations towards her surgeries would be helpful and appreciated! Thank you all in advance

Stay safe out there, folks.

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Boomers Vs. Zoomers; A Generational Divide.
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